Growing Organic Garlic

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  1. hmmm. people. you will enjoy gardening MUCH more if you TAKE YOUR GLOVES OFF! 🙂 try it. Also, try taking your shoes off. Just sayin… Try it.

  2. @ivylamejor Hardneck and soft neck garlic are done curing after about two weeks. Elephant garlic should cure for more like thirty days. Thanks for the question and enjoy your garlic!

  3. Hi I'm so happy my garlic is growing so fast. I have another question I've hear that broccolli and lettice don't like hot weather but I live in the carribbean. What can I do? Is always hot over here!

  4. @ivylamejor Shade and mulching will keep the soil cooler. Warm soil is what makes cool-weather crops bolt. Also, try lettuces like our Michelle, which has a higher tolerance for warm weather.

  5. I planted my garlic in early December and it's already begun to sprout. We've had an unusually warm winter here so I'm wondering if my garlic should already be sprouting this early. Will it affect the performance of my garlic? Thanks!

  6. @evaofnc Not at all. It's perfectly normal for you garlic to have sprouted at this time. Keep it mulched and it should do just fine. Garlic is very frost tolerant, in fact I've had several feet of snow on my garlic with no apparent harm.

  7. Love your video. Got some organic garlic growing in amongst other vegies, didn't know they don't like competition, hope they'll be ok.

  8. Garlic does have some veggie friends. It doesn't play well with beans, peas and potatoes, but is companion planted with brassicas (chard, cabbage, broccoli ect.), beets, carrots and lettuce. Garlic is also sometimes planted next to roses, and is said to improve the scent of the roses. I haven't tested that last one, but it might be fun.

  9. Very nice. I've been growing elephant garlic for many years. Milder flavor than regular garlic because it is more closely related to leeks. And of course it is immense in size. The tiny corms or brown cloves hanging from the roots of garlic will grow into plants the following season if left in the ground. But will only produce a single clove bulb. Elephant garlic takes two years to grow from seed to seed. Thanks for another great video.

  10. The liquid is kelp extract. Kelp extract contains a large number of micronutrients and natural growth hormones. It's sort of like a natural multi-vitamin for your plants it gives the garlic a good boost in the beginning.

  11. fue muy facil aprender con usted, lo voy a poner en practica inmediatamente, muchas gracias y un saludo del instituto de permacultura de el salvador.

  12. so i got some garlic and when i went to eat it, stems were in the clove. i decided to plant them and they are sprouting already. I live in vegas so, i don't know if i'm doing this wrong, but i do know i planted them too closely, so i'll have to transfer them. are these a lost cause, because I planted them so early?

  13. I don't think so. I'd give them a chance. Plants can surprise you. You might not get big bulb size, but I think it would be worth a try.

  14. According to Oregon State garlic grows well in Oregon despite the cloudy weather. I hope your crop does well.

  15. We are wanting to plant garlic and is it better to plant it in the fall or can it be planted anytime? We have never gown our own before and do not know what to do.

  16. That seems like a lot of effort for such a low cost item. That's a poor use of real estate if you ask me. I love garlic and i can get 2 organic bulbs for 99c. She harrvested about 3 dollars worth of garlic lol.

  17. Wow, great video! So much better, than some videos I've seen. Actually I take this one, as the best one! NOW, I know what to do, when to grow them, and how to harvest them! All in one video…how cool is that!

  18. very informative, straight to the point video LOVE IT, thanks for making it. sharing it

  19. Why don’t you give us the exact information. The garlic we see at 0.50 hasn’t soak over night because, after soaking an hour or two,the skin wrinkle and easily comes off!

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