Growing Tomatoes Organically

Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener it’s Spring and the last frost date has passed it’s time to get tomatoes in the garden! So whether you’re going to plant your tomato plants directly in the ground or in your garden beds or in a container like this it’s really important to plant them very deep and you notice these little tiny hairs on
the main stem of the plant these are going to develop into the roots before putting the plant in the soil I’m going to snip off all these lower branches you’ll have a healthier more productive
plant overall if the tomato has a chance to develop a large root system You’re going to gently squeeze the pot, pop out the plant fluff up the roots just a little bit put it in the hole Now that my little tomato plant is planted I’m going to water it with kelp extract which comes as a liquid concentrate
or a water-soluble flake kelp is a fast-growing seaweed full
of natural growth hormones and micronutrients and it helps reduce any
transplant shock this is a determinate tomato and even though it wont grow as tall as an indeterminate tomato its still going to need some staking so a small bamboo stake and some staking tape is all you really need So if you’re going to plant
your tomatoes directly in the garden you want to make sure and
plant them just as deep as we did in the container also you notice the spacing these are about three to five feet apart and these are indeterminate variaties
and it may seem like a lot of spacing but they’re going to need it because
they’re going to grow all season and spread out We’re also going to talk about support and fertilizing and protection from the
late frost I’m going to top dress the plant with a little bit of Azomite Azomite is a great
source of calcium and tomatoes need calcium to prevent
what’s called blossom end rot This Azomite is a great source of calcium and fifty other trace minerals I want to protect this plant from any
late frost a great way to do that is with this little “Wall O Water” it’s actually like a little mini greenhouse So after there is no more danger of frost and the plant gets a little bigger I’m gonna support it with this tomato cage Another pretty neat invention is this tomato
crater it fits right around the stem of the tomato plant and it does a few things it will help
conserve water and it will prevent the cutworms from getting to the stem and study’s have shown that because of the red color it will also boost
production your going to put this on after all danger of frost is over an easy method for supporting your tomato plants is this Hortonova trellis and you just pull it over the bed in a horizontal fashion and the tomato plants can grow right through it you can also put it in a vertical fashion
and use it for beans or peas you can just attach it with a zip tie so you have probably noticed i have a semi
permanent structure here made out of bamboo to support my tomato plants you can also use the bamboo to make a
little teepee and support each individual plant No matter how you plant them no matter how you support them you’re sure to enjoy your home grown tomatoes! Grow Organic for Life!

20 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes Organically

  1. Azomite!??? This stuff is 11% Aluminum! If you want calcium apply calcium! Gypsum, calcium carbonate, what ever, but not Azomite!

    That is the most amazing bamboo I have ever seen! Looks just like metal! haha…

  2. You're right, mikezuro, there are many sources of calcium. We recommended Azomite because in addition to calcium, it also contains so many trace elements. Trace elements are one of the most common soil deficiencies.

  3. Very nice. I grow all of my vegetables organically. My trick is to cover the garden with about 10 inches of leaves in the late Fall. I only grow garlic and chard in the winter. Then in March I till in the leaves for an early spring planting in April. I make a salsa from the all fresh and natural ingredients from my summer garden. Hope you'll try the recipe. Thanks for a great video!

  4. Instead of the green "water wall" product try using EZ-walls Plant Protectors! They set up in a jiffy and hold up to the wind. They also have a closed top fill tube area which means you fill the whole thing from one point and not all those individual cells! Then you don't have all of those open cells with water that trap and kill the beneficial insects like bees and lady bugs! Look up the video and you will see the difference! 🙂

  5. If you click on our website in the video description (sorry I can't put links in the comments) you can find a 3-pack of Wall-o-Water on our website. We ship nationally.

  6. Bone meal, soft rock phosphate, crab meal and shrimp meal are other great sources of calcium for the garden. Oyster Shell lime is also a good organic calcium supplement, but it also raises pH so that's not recommended for alkaline soils.

  7. Wow I love your garden set up. How did you get start with it and how much did it cost you to make all the troughs?

  8. you could boil some eggs to eat and instead of throwing the water u could feed it to your plant and that will give them much calcium because the egg shell is made of calcium and it dissolves in the water when its boiled…enjoy your tomatoes 🙂

  9. I kept on wondering why there are several people preferably growing tomatoes. I just found the answer right through this video. I've learned so much particularly the easy methods of growing them. Thank you!

  10. To have your own supplies of tomatoes sounds very overwhelming. These ideas could really give you a good start to attain this very delicious crop. Great advises indeed! 

  11. For growing organically aren't you using a lot of unnecessary products? how organic is it to be such a consumer? how about recycling some materials?

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