Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming

[music] Food is a powerful
economic force in the world, and a
potent cultural sample of community and
family well-being. [music] The University of Guelph
has many little-known gems, and one
such gem is the Guelph Urban Organic Farm,
located at the Stone Road Campus
in Guelph, Ontario. [music] Students from across
disciplines come to this one hectare
farm to learn about sustainable urban
food production, heritage seed production,
permaculture, food security, fair trade and year-round
food production. [music] We invite you to visit
the farm, buy produce on market days, and
consider supporting the farm with
a donation. Your donation supports
farm infrastructure and community
outreach projects. To inquire about the
Guelph Urban Organic Farm, contact the
coordinator. [music]

1 thought on “Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming

  1. Farm coordinator Martha Gay told me a story about a four year old girl who recently visited the farm. She had never been on a farm before and yet she made her way to the raspberries and started taking them off the vines and popping them into her mouth. Could harvesting food be an innate behavior?

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