Handy gardening stool also carries supplies. Fun outdoor woodworking project!

But first, Let me take a Microjig, maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer. Work smarter. I’ve heard from a lot of people telling me that it’s just too hot to do any woodworking in their shops this
time of the year. So I designed this project to get you in and out of the shop really quickly and out into the garden. This stool is perfect for sitting on while you’re weeding the lawn or picking vegetables plus you can store some gardening supplies
inside. I’ve got an assortment here of various scraps
of lumber that I can use for this project for the bottom and the lid, I’m going to need to edge join pieces together to make wider panels. This biscuit joiner will help me line up these
boards. You could use plywood for this project if if you didn’t want to join boards together. Once those are dry, I can sand them smooth. If your boards are a little warped like mine
and it bothers you, You can use a planer of just a hand plane
to flatten those out. Outside here on my tablesaw, I can cut out the bottom and the front and
back. I’m going to glue these pieces together. You could use pocket screws or even nail it together if you wanted. I can use this piece to set the width of the
legs. I’ll use this stop block to make sure both legs are the same length. I’m sticking these together with some double-sided tape so I can cut out both legs at the same time. Here I’m drilling a large hole through both
pieces. I’ve made a mark over here that I can connect to the side of that hole. And same on the other side. I’ll make those two cuts using my bandsaw. You could also use a jigsaw or even a handsaw. The front and the back panel and the legs
are all warped. But I think I can force them into position. You might be able to see how these curve inward. It’s about a quarter of an inch so I made these blanks that are the same width as the bottom and I’ll just force these apart so I can glue
it together. You can see how these legs are bowed out that way so that’s the way I’m going to attach it and pull this in rather than have it this way and have to pull the two
sides in. I’m going to try to glue both sides at the
same time. When boards are warped along the grain this
way they’re not to difficult to force into position. I’ll let that dry overnight and finish it up in the morning. [Advertisement] Well good morning! That was overnight. Now I can take the clamps off. and see what
this looks like. Yeah, that’s pretty square. I’ll make the handle for the lid the same way I did the curve on the legs. Here I’m easing over all the edges using a roundover bit on my router. I’m giving it a rustic look by sanding off layers of paint in different spots. These are-T hinges that I’ve painted black
on one side. I’m installing a hook & eye on the front. I think that rustic paint job turned out really
cool and it was really fun to do that. If you’re going to try and do an antique looking
finish like that, try to scuff it up in the areas that would
normally receive wear such as this hand hold and around this latch here I figured it would get scraped up a lot. Thanks for watching my show and don’t forget: I post brand new woodworking videos every
Friday on this channel and I’d love to have you subscribe. And while you’re subscribing to this channel, I would love to have you check out my other
channel, Mere Minutes. You can subscribe to both of them if you like! Thanks for watching, everybody. I hope you are enjoying your summer! I’ll see you next week.

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  1. im wondering if the glue can hold the thing for long time? woodworkers really seldom use nails…. Love your videos, you make projects looks so easy to make. but i doubt if i can make one because i dont have any powertool.  i hope you can make a "no-powertool-needed project". Thanks Steve, Keep it up!

  2. For the people requesting that Steve eliminate his advertisements and endorsements: Perhaps you should consider that, as far as I can tell, making these videos has become his primary source of income. The videos, and many of the plans that go with them, are all free to everyone. I am sure that if Steve had to work a standard job, for the income, in addition to making his videos, then we would see fewer of them. I, for one, would rather listen to Steve recommend a book for a few seconds and watch a new video almost every week. Maybe that's just me.

    Carry on, Steve. I'm in year two of woodworking now, and between you and Norm and Roy, I've learned a lot. 

  3. Perfect project Steve. The wife's been bugging me for something just like this. Now it shall be done. Thx.

  4. Cool project, but I really appreciate you working with warped wood and explaining how to deal with it.  Thanks!

  5. another great video Steve  your videos always perk me up they're so cheery but this week knowing about all the slaughter in Gaza I cant enjoy it

  6. Awesome project. I like all the tips you gave about working with slightly bowed or warped wood! Very useful since I'm always using scraps or somebody else's left overs. ; ) 

  7. I love you videos! I can't wait to start  small woodshop (however, my bank accounts have no problem waiting….)

  8. Hi and congratulations. I believe this is my first YouTube comment 🙂

    I started wondering about the joint between the legs and the top. That looked a lot like longgrain to endgrain joint and I've been thought to avoid those. I'm just wondering if you have some experience on how well that will hold and it would be great to see a followup in a year or two on how well it actually holds.

    Great show/channel 🙂

  9. keep doing what your doing even if you got commercials. Your fans understand you have to publicize in order to keep your videos going!

  10. steve…ill be honest..i dont like the commercial in the middle of the video…i understand it but i dont like it…i stopped watching this video to write this message and now im moving on to the next video in my subs…not yours.

  11. I wish I had the time to do this but I am working on my mothers scrapbooking cabinet maybe later but I probably just stain the bench

  12. cheating!!!! can't use a special tool for biscuit jointing.  I call foul mere mortals don't own crap tools that only serve a single purpose.

  13. To weather the inside, fill with rocks and shake around.
    Also, sand more on the corners, they always get the most wear.

  14. 3:40  did i hear a tiny crack right here?  end grain to long grain glue joints are not know for their strength or longevity.   I think some screws on this joint might have been a good idea.

  15. People are complaining about how you advertise for those who support your free woodworking content, and i think its silly. You do it different and interesting each time.

  16. Im a luthier;I build guitars, and the wood needs to be completely stable. Sometimes I get so caught up in my specialization that when i build a general woodworking item, like this stool, i seem to forget that a warped board isnt a huge deal. Thanks for the unknowing reminder.

  17. Hey Steve, I was just looking through YouTube for inspiration for when I'm fit enough to get back in the garage, and I saw " teds woodworking plans" is using your face on one of their profiles, cheeky gits! Keep up hype great work, Adam an English fan!

  18. So since  " skunk tree cravings "  is paying attn. anymore and busy cutting the lawn, let talk about things we don't like about him.

  19. Great project, Steve! I think it'd make a wonderfully l gift for my dad. I'm really new to the woodworking thing, so I have a beginner-type question: Are the legs going to hold up the weight of an adult male, with just glue? Thanks!

  20. That rapidfire biscuit joiner sounded like some sci0fi ray gone. Love your videos, steve, keep up the good work!!!

  21. Tip: If you have badly curved boards, make more slices, then run each slice through the saw to just take the irregularity off so you have vertical edges, then glue back together, you could also alternate the pieces (curve up/curve down).

  22. @steveinmarin Hi Steve I hope you read this. U have changed the way on how I view woodworking, I am 14 years old and people ask where my talent comes from, and it's from people like you who inspire me in the field of woodworking. Thank you! 🔨

  23. Looks like a good project for me to use my biscuit joiner that I bought from a flea market for only $3.00. Yeah, shocked me too. But I considered myself lucky to have gotten it. Thanks for sharing.

  24. very good videos and is always in great humor, a question mark would give the RYOBI brand tool … but I am looking to buy a good price value relationship

  25. I am fan from PAKISTAN, Love you VIDS
    I do wish our carpenters here could adopt some of your skills…
    Thanks for your efforts

  26. This is the only time of year when it is warm enough to work in my shop.  
    I guess it all depends on where you live.

  27. There was a study done a while ago which found that a person's name can, allegedly, affect your eventual career:


    So maybe Mr Pollan's fate was already decided for him!

  28. Hi Steve, I really enjoy your projects and the humor you inject in them. Keep up the great work.
    Here's an idea… maybe you can build a posture chair.

  29. Wood is never "warped" it's pre-bowed to produce pre-stressed strength when forced into assembly… Yeah you guessed it, I don't have the right tools to redimension wood.

  30. Hi Steve… Tip to make your job easier. Try to apply a thin coat of wax between purple and pink painting. Doing this you can remove ink easier saving sander efforts. Good job! Rodrigo Pioto.

    Oi Steve, se você aplicar uma camada fina de cera entre as tintas roxa e rosa você consegue remover a tinta mais fácil com o lixamento. Ótimo trabalho.

  31. Good project for dry rainless areas. It will be perfect for everyone, if you add a) thicker legs so stool does not sink in soft wet soil; b) close hole in lid so rain can't get inside and spoil your tools; or at least c) drill drain hole because sooner or later you'll forget your stool outside

  32. You'll save time and energy when building wood furniture if you've got the comprehensive diagram & step-by-step guides

  33. What kind of native plants did you put in? Do they require much maintenance? What time of year is best for ripping out your lawn and putting in drought resistance planting? I know this may bore the hell out of people in Florida, but as a fellow Bay Area-n feeling pretty bad about watering my lawn with Hetch Hetchy water, I'd love to know. Maybe worth a mere minutes?

  34. hey i have to do my woodworking outside i am shopless (is that a word??) but i have a canopy and i find it pleasant enough this is a neat project and i think i know someone who can use one thanks for the free content and the great ideas i dont mind the ads especially for what i am paying (FREE) for the advice, plans, and ideas i get from your content Thanks Man

  35. Does it not concern you that you have made a bench that will break the first time someone sits on it? Why don't you show how to do things properly, with some respect for the materials and pride in your work.

  36. another good tip for antiquing is to just beat the heck out of it. use a chain, a hammer, anything hard, and just do light hits to all the edges and corners. maybe even a coffee cup stain on top!

  37. Love the biscuits!  Wasn't this a topic of discussion a while back?  Norm has had his influence on you Steve!  🙂

  38. great project. thank you.
    You can call me a purist, because I hate painted wood, but this one looks really nice. 

  39. I've got two left hands, and ten thumbs, so if I tried making this it would probably end up looking like an art installation. Still, the amount of presentation and personality this video had, I just subscribed and hope it rubs of on me and maybe someday I can make some cool stuff on my own!

  40. Hey if you have ran out of ideas, a good project to make would be a clothing wardrobe or a big cabinet thing, that a person could put their clothes in.. just a thought. 

  41. Call me old but i'd never have painted that. Personally i would have stuck to the wood.

    And i would probably end up using it as a footstool with storage 😀 

  42. Finished one for my wife today.  Tweaked it a little but man is it sturdy.  Very nice weekend project.  Thanks for posting it.

  43. I like this a bunch!!  Age has kinda taken me out of the garden — lots of handicaps, but this tote will solve a lot of problems.  My better half has taken up where I was shot off, but she has no idea of how to take care of tools….. this will help greatly.  Thanks.

  44. Building woodwork is easy, start with step by step instruction 1st, and you will own 1st accomplishment as fast as this weekend.

  45. I envy your garage; You have lots of machines. Can you please prepare some projects which has some lower level machine requirements, like a dremel 🙂

  46. Steve, Have any videos on pots and pan cabinet organizers. The stuff they sell in the stores are way to costly.

  47. Hello, Steve! My name is Jose Cordova, and I watched multiple of your videos, and they have inspired me to start working with wood. Right now I am working on a workbench with my father so I can start making stuff! My mother loves gardening, so this will be my first project so she can ease up a bit while picking her veggies and fruit! Thanks for the videos!

  48. Hey Steve, In tons of your videos you use that double-sided carpet tape. I have used scotch kinds but it is like 4$ for a 1×2 piece! Where do you get that stuff?

  49. All fine! You make very good Videos and come up with very nice ideas. That Gardening idea is a bit feminine for me and too good just to do gardening. I do like it and will try to make one just like that!

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