Hanging Garden (Kuchu Teien) 5

Scalp a human and
we’re all just skulls Not food for humans Oh right, it’s your birthday That’s why I wanted to come
to my destiny-origination We all come into this world crying And bloody, too Do you have a family?
Would you like to start over? Get married, buy a house,
have babies and your own… Your family’s finished Welcome to Babylon, Queen Start over? It was all over a long time ago You really are clueless, aren’t you? Really are clueless You really like me, don’t you? Don’t you like me? You’re here because you like me You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t
Right? Right? You’re not lying, are you? I’ll do it myself I’ll do it myself I think you’re a really
pathetic human beingHappy BirthdayBoss, my father slipped in the
bathroom and hit his head twice… I’m terribly sorry,
but could I take the day off… Oh, really? Thank you
Sorry to inconvenience you Wimp Wimp I had a feeling I might run into youl bit your nipple…Um… Yes I’d like to visit your show room Can you show me your student ID? I’m home Welcome home Honey, a phone A phone? Won it in a bingo game for
our client’s new employees Wow, amazing I can’t believe my bingo luck Oh, she’s Kitano Mina
She’s going to tutor Ko Tutor Ko? This is my Dad Dad? You always call him, Papa Shut up, sis Nice to meet you, I’m Kitano Mina
Just call me Mina, Papa Ko just brought her home,
out of the blue He saw the flyer advertising tutors
in the mall, and called her up himself He’s never shown such initiative, and her monthly fee’s reasonable Even if he doesn’t have exams, his grades will matter in high school Let’s eat
Sit down, Papa Please, sit down, teacher What’s that yellow car? It’s a Wimp Q Another day, Papa Papa, this beer’s totally delicious Oh, thanks You, too, teacher Why, thank you What? Your bank passbook?
Not again How could you not take something
so important to the hospital? Yeah, so, where is it? The Buddhist altar?
Hold on Hello, mother Hello, nice to see you I’ll bring it later What is the purpose of
a show room, teacher? Well, the show room is for… Cake time… is the way to go How many times
do I have to tell you to knock? Oh, sorry, sorry Oh, why thank you I have to go to your
grandmother’s house Take your time Right
And I’ll stop by the hospital OK?

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