Harris Seeds – How to Make Worm Power Compost Tea

Hello! This is Mark Greene with Harris Seeds I’m
here to demonstrate how to use Worm Power to make your own liquid
fertilizer tea. Worm Power is a great fertilizer with a lot of microbial activity. What you can do is use it as a top dress and also make make a liquid extract out of it as well. the liquid extract still has all the
great microbials in it and what it does in a liquid form
you can do it right to the roots at a plant for easy uptake It works great and small transplants, works great on house plants. Use it for field production as well or out in
your garden What you need first of all is water. It’s very important to use dechlorinated water if your house has city
water and not well and has chlorine in it, you want to
make sure you fill your container and let set overnight
to let the chlorine out of there so you not killing in the microbial in the Worm Power compost so it can get into your soil and plants. Next step: take your reusable teabag. We recommend using about a half a cup
per gallon of water. We have a quarter cup
scoop I’ll recommend using that just because it fits the a tea bag a little bit
better. You want to do it over your bag or another container. There will probably be a little bit of spillage- that’s fine. It doesn’t have to be exact. Once you have it in there, shake it off a
little bit and pull on a draw string, give it a tie. We
recommend tying it up once. We just want to hold material in. If you
knot too many times it gets hard to undo it and reuse the teabag. Then
just take your tea bag, place it in your water let it set overnight. After about 24
hours it’ll be ready to go and what you have here is nice dark
colored tea, high in microbials. Again great for watering and
small transplants use it on house plants and many
other ways. Once you’re done using it, you have Worm Power leftover in your tea bag. Simply open it up you can place at around the base your
plant for a top dressing as well.

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