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Five locale restaurante meals with more salt then you should eat in an entire day let’s go out to eat the five most dreaded words to a dieter’s years locka lee most chain restaurants no offer lower Cal menu items that cater to the waist watching crowd but not so fast the any of those lighter fare options make up for the lack of calories in the sodium department year five menu items from your favorite restaurants that pack a day’s worth of sodium into one low call meal and what you should order instead Applebee’s cedar grilled lemon chicken seen grilled chicken all over Quinn oh on the restaurante menu is akin to finding water after wandering in a daze erred unfortunately both are probably more raj is at just 590 calories and 25 g of fat per serving this dish seems like the best option possible for the Cal conscious but at 2480 mg of sodium the meal exceeds the FDA’s recommendations for daily sodium intake 2300 mg slash day or 1500 mg slash day for those 51 and a older eat this instead if you find yourself at the bee’s keep it simple by ordering their 7 ounces housed sirloin 770 MG sodium and pair it with two veggie sides all under 350 mg sodium check out the seven best salads you can order out chiles Margarita grilled chicken grilled chicken strikes again with this Mexican inspired debts and any health conscious cedar knows that the protein found in black bands can keep you satisfied long past your desire to actually be full and 580 calories and 14 g of fat it sounds like a steel until you see that the dish contains 2450 mg of sodium blowing any hopes of feeling bloat free out of the water heat this instead try the grilled chicken salad at chili’s instead it’ll still give you a protein punch from the chicken but it’ll only cost you 1110 mg of sodium Kiev chang’s vegetable oh mind it’s no secret that your average Chinese takeout dish is a sodium bomb that even PF chang’s lighter options often surpassed the amount of sodium you should consume in a day case in point there vegetable lo mein clocks in at a whopping 3450 mg of sodium despite only having 600 calories and Ten Grams of fat heat this instead a void a sodium Como by ordering their buddhas feast seemed not stir fried for a Bragg were the 300 mg of sodium with numbers like that you may even come in under the daily recommendations for sodium here are the seven worst and best Chinese takeout dishes you can order carob is Italian grills linguine posit anno with whole grains spaghetti first we need to give props to any Italian restaurante that Carries whole grain pasta options and this linguine posit anno with whole grains spaghetti does look super healthy on paper at just 785 calories and 27 g of fat that with 2327 mg of sodium this dish sours pretty quickly eat this instead if you’re really craving some fork twirling goodness go for a side portion of their cat attack PM attrition a 480081 MG of sodium and parent with another veggies side like steamed broccoli 37 mg of sodium or grilled asparagus 240 mg of sodium olive gardens garlic grows Mary chicken alone this chicken dish isn’t awful 540 calories 19 g of fat 1630 mg of sodium but let’s face it if you’re an olive garden you’re going to have sallied and at least one bread stick that puts you up to 820 calories and 31 g of fat and 2830 mg of sodium eat this instead play it safe and order their Erp grilled salmon which comes in at 460 calories 28 g of fat and just 570 mg of sodium half

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