Healthy soils resist drought

farmers using soil health management systems are finding their soil to be more drought tolerant the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is working with farmers to improve soil health and function to help crops survive droughts runoff is a symptom of poor soul function the more you can capture that water the better it is and that’s what helps us get through the drought so healthy soils will be more resilient against drought because they have more organic matter in them NRCS gives technical assistance to farmers who want to use no-till planting crop rotation and cover crops to help soil stay cooler wetter and biologically active the cover crops have really helped out this year especially in this drought situation we’re in here in northwestern Ohio the cover crops allow us to open up the soil and we’re able to get roots down into moisture that’s down deep and also down into the nutrients stock that’s down in the soil we know til and it’s similar to what you do in your yard and your flowerbed or your trees you would mulch that and we keep the soil cooler and help retain moisture better throughout the season we’ve incorporated things like cover crops on quite a few of the acres things to encourage the biology and the water infiltration and and all those things but seems like the no-till with cover crops and stuff really handles that stress better for more healthy soil information contact your local NRCS office I’m Bob Ellison for the US Department of Agriculture you

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