Heritage Minutes: Maple Leaf Gardens

Fergus, tell us about the hockey That Conn Smythe – he’s going to call the team the Maple Leafs The Maple Leafs! Says here he’s going to build a new arena too! Hope he comes up with a better name for it! Conn I told you, the bank can’t find that kind of money to build an arena in this depression But Sir John listen, we have a deal with the workers, part of their pay in shares Part of their pay in shares! Yes, sir Well, in that case, the bank will pick up the rest She’s going up good, Patty You’re luck you got a job Yes we are, it’ll be up inside of six months What’s the rush? We’re all shareholders, she open, ching ching, we make money! And open she did, to thousands of glorious days and nights And then one night, she stepped down.

8 thoughts on “Heritage Minutes: Maple Leaf Gardens

  1. Conn Smythe would go around the site on payday trading the "shares" the employees received, for cartons of cigarettes. 😉

  2. You know the budget must be really low if they can’t get a good fake moustache

    Ps: this is one of my favourite Heritage minutes because…well my profile picture

  3. Don't know why people are complaining the conversion was well done. All they did was shrink the size of the arenas interior. Floor 1 were the center ice use to be is now a Loblaws. Then from Floor 3 – 4 they built a new hockey rink. If you look at an original interior picture of Maple Leaf Gardens imagine building a new floor at the 300 level or were the upper seats use to be and building a new rink then all the lower seats is were the Loblaws is now. Anyone who complains has not been inside and have seen the conversion, all floors are accessible to the public you just have to enter the arena doors not the loblaws door.

  4. No need to glorify an old rectangular barn just because it's in Toronto. As architecture, it's quite unremarkable. Give the team whatever glory they deserve but MLG is no edifice of note. It's a big shed with ideas above itself.

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