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(VOICEOVER): The Blue Ribbon Garden at
the Concert Hall is in the middle of downtown LA. And yet, it’s an incredible,
always blooming garden. It’s an oasis. It’s a great place to hide. It’s nice and
quiet and secluded. It is a nice escape
from busy downtown LA. And right now you can
hear the birds chirping, and you can get an environment
out in nature a bit. [MUSIC PLAYING] HOWARD SHERMAN
(VOICEOVER): The garden is a full city block long. It has plants from
all around the world. The beauty of the garden,
too, is that there’s always something in bloom. It was designed so that all year
round in Southern California there’s green, there’s
color, there’s flowers. It’s pretty spectacular. You have to want to come here. It’s off the beaten path. So if you’re doing a quick
drive by downtown LA, you’re not likely to find
your way into the garden. But if you live here, if
you’re a regular here, if you work here, you know it exists. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s elevated
and it’s secluded. And I think that they
did that on purpose because it’s designed
to not have as much foot traffic as you might. So it retains its solitude. So that’s pretty cool. It just gives you some time
to be alone and maybe hang out with a few friends
and just relax, enjoy the breeze and the shade. HOWARD SHERMAN (VOICEOVER):
Lillian Disney, who made the gift in
honor of her husband Walt for the concert hall,
when she gave her money to build the building,
she said to Frank Gehry, I want two things. I want the hall to be
acoustically perfect. And I want my love of
gardens to be represented. When she passed, her kids and
grandkids wanted to create what is named A Rose for Lilly. We brought in
artisans to actually create the designed piece site. And if you look at it,
it’s shards of Delft China. And if you really let your
eye wander, every now and then there’s a piece of color. I’m convinced, although
no one knows for sure, that the artisans who built it,
it’s their grandmother’s China. This garden is amazing. It’s one of the most coolest
places that we can visit here. I’ve been here on a
field trip as a little kid. I remember how beautiful
the building was. But I didn’t
remember the Garden. HOWARD SHERMAN (VOICEOVER):
Frank Gehry wanted this to be the living room for the city. He wanted the public
welcome at all time. If you want to do
the overlook, you want to walk up five
flights of stairs to the top corner
of the building. You get this incredible
view of downtown. There are exercise blocks where
you can go up the five flights across, down, through the
garden, back down to Grand Avenue, rinse, and repeat. I believe three times is a
mile, including about 20 stories of climbing, which
is a great way to get your walk in through the day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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