High Density Espalier Gardener – Figs 10-14-13

This is the High Density Espalier Gardener.
This is video #3. These are my Figs. Now what I mean by High Density is I plant 2 to 3,
in some cases more, but 2 to 3 trees that you would normally grow separately and put
them close together, about 1.5 feet apart so that they still have enough area for the
roots to grow out and not have to compete since I give them fertilizer and plenty of
water but then I treat them as a single tree for the Espalier system. The Espalier system
simply is a couple of posts, you can use metal, you can use wood, whatever you like, but then
typically will either have some sort of lattice work like just behind these wires for the
Cantelope and Watermelon you can use that or you can these wires that I used on the
Grapes. And then you go through and you train the branches in 2 dimensions so that it spreads
it out, makes it nice and compact and easy to pick the fruit and keep it at a small level.
So what I am going to be doing, on all of these trees, I’ll go through and show you
the different kinds, these are my Figs. I have a Brown Turkey Fig here on the right
and a Violette de Bordeaux Fig on the left. As the branches grow out, I use a Velcro tape
just to wrap around it and to hold it in place. This part here you can see it is growing up,
tips always grow up, and that’s ok, as soon as it grows a little bit longer I will put
another piece of tape and I’ll just bring it down. But that’s what I do with all of
them. Then as you can see, I have little Figs growing out, same thing with the branch down
here, lots of little Figs coming out. And what they say is that you will get a lot more
fruit if you Espalier your trees than if you just let them grow naturally, I am not sure
why. I think it its because you are focusing on trimming the trees to the point where they
are only going to be giving the wood bearing fruit (I meant “fruit bearing wood”) and not
focusing so much on really growing out into a nice beautiful tree. This turns out to be
quite pretty, but easier to manage. Now what I am doing, with these, and it will be more
apparent on some of the other things that I am going to show you, is here, for example,
this branch is growing out from this tree and is growing this way. Right in here there
is a little bud coming out. When that one is big enough, and it starts to grow out,
I’ll make it grow this way so that all the branches from the Violette will grow all the
way up to here, I’ll cut them off, but they will also grow all the way up to here. Same
for each tree. The Brown Turkey Fig’s branches will grow all the way across and this way
as well. So along each wire I will have two branches. One from each tree. Maximum use
of space still giving them full access to the sun and keeps them nice and compact. So
the full area where the trees will be will be from this post here, all the way up to
the top wire. I will trim everything along here, then along the top wire, I will trim
everything along there as well. So that the trees will only be in that area. Keeps it
from getting un-manageable, easy to reach the fruit, and all that sort of thing.

4 thoughts on “High Density Espalier Gardener – Figs 10-14-13

  1. not sure statement get more fruit is right. as really big apple tree 100 apples. what is true is plant lots trunks close together and have different kinds apples. You don't have wory to big and fall on houses and apples do get are going big good tasting

  2. Very nice, thank you, I always like Espaliers. I am going to start fig espalier along my 80 ft, south facing driveway. Can I pin them directly on the lattice fence ? it is strong, properly built.

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