High Grade Fertilizer that Most Gardeners Forget: CBD Trace Minerals

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com, today we have another exciting episode for
you, and what we’re doing today is actually I’m going to go ahead and give you guys
a tour of my front yard garden. Instead of a lawn, I have a whole nice garden that I’m
going to share with you guys, I’m going to show you guys what I’m growing, and [inaudible]
[inaudible] minerals for you dude! I got some rock dust for you buddy!
Alright cool! [inaudible] CBDs!
[inaudible] Josh just got here man, let’s see what he’s up to. Alright so now I’m
in my garden, and got rudely interrupted by Josh today because I’m planting out my peppers
and actually just planted some cucumbers and getting ready for the summer season, hopefully
you guys are planting out too, hopefully you guys aren’t still stuck in the snow somewhere,
that would suck. Anyways Josh, why did you interrupt me on my important planting day,
you know how I get into it? Well I mean don’t forget to mention those
floods that are going on in Texas right now, that pretty gnarly out there, you know, for
real. My heart goes out to all you Texas farmers, I just can’t imagine, can you just send
us out here in Cali some of your rain? That would be nice huh? So why did I interrupt
him? Because I got a hot new announcement here, it’s the gold standard in rock dust,
our new CBD mineral, why did you think I interrupted you John? I know you’re a rock dust slut,
and I know you want this stuff man, and we brought you 2000 pounds for your garden.
Yeah you guys saw it on the truck. You want to turn your garden into concrete
I brought enough for you to do it. [laughter]. So Josh what’s so new and different
about this CBD minerals, are you just trying to sell my viewers something else man? Come
on I mean last video we had a compost tea vs. rock dust video and Josh was on the side
of the compost tea, now he’s here doing his CBD rock dust minerals, [inaudible].
Oh come on, you’re just bitter because tea won, didn’t folks huh? The tea won.
That’s why you’re back on the rock dust because you know that’s the answer.
Right yeah [laughter]. Well, you know we got sick of trucking rock dust all over the country
when we found something that is apparently the gold standard of rock dust right here
in our back yard in the South Bay of Northern California. And so we consulted with this
guy Tom [inaudible] rock dust local, and he turned us on to this stuff and we’ve been
mighty impressed, we looked at the spectral analysis on it, apparently the paramagnetic
energy that’s being infused into soil by these minerals is significantly better than
anything else out there. I’m a healthy skeptic, I still believe in a variety of substances
and a variety of minerals, those of you who are lucky enough to get a good deal on Azomite
out there, if your local nurseries, your local distributors have that stuff at a decent price
you should jump all over that. Same goes for the glacial… what is that one called? The…
Gaia Green? Gaia, yeah there you go the Gaia Green, excellent
product, you know we sell the mainstays, we got the Azomite SR, the sustained release,
which has had the molasses bound to it so it’s released slowly over the whole course
of a growing season. Of course we sell the Cascade Minerals and we love the Cascade,
we were using it, until we discovered the new California Basalt as our primary mineral
of choice in our Boogie base, you can check with one of John’s prior videos where I
sat right here in front of his pepper beds and discussed how you can make your own excellent
world-class boogie base clone recipe. And why do we pick CBD? Simple, because it’s
local, and we believe in doing things locally, and also because it has a superior mineral
chart. It has a true frequency unlike any other rock dust out there. But like I said,
I believe in using a variety of inputs, and so if you can, ideally, use a bit of each.
Yeah I mean I asked my friend Don Weaver who I consider my rock dust expert and I’m like
“Don, what’s better, Azomite or the Gaia Green?” And he’s like “Well mix them
both up,” so use half as much and mix them both and you’ll have the best spectrum.
Because I mean— Exactly.
The goal for me with the rock dust is not like rock dust is the answer like I may have
said last video, but adding trace minerals to your garden soil is the answer, and I’m
quite confident in that. The plants respond when they get some of these unique rare trace
elements that are just not normally found in the soil, and furthermore, then the plants
will take them up if everything is happening right and then we’ll get them in our bodies
as well so that we can be healthier. In addition, there’s also new and different flavor components
you know, the food that I grow in my garden, I haven’t met anybody else that’s been
able to rival most of the stuff that I grow in the taste, and I believe that’s due to
the rock dust and the microbial matrix in the soil. So besides just the trace minerals
Josh, this new CBD, it’s called California Basalt Deposit
Basalt Deposit, yeah. It’s a vintage stone flour, it’s a nice
fine powdery consistency that I really like a lot, but you have to be sure you wear a
dust mask, because it’s not good to breathe any fine particulate. The main thing I like
about is the [inaudible] Josh so tell me about this [inaudible] charge I know like big grow
heads are all into this [inaudible] magnetic stuff and some people think it’s all hocus
pocus like it’s got the [inaudible] , but what is this [inaudible]
It’s got the uber, the uber-electric, [inaudible] magnetic frequency that’s going to imbue
your flowers with a superior magnetic resonance that the electrical frequency that’s put
out that is going to make the microbes go into a feasting frenzy, blah blah blah blah.
I don’t know. On a visceral level let’s discuss each of these products. I mean you
asked me, you said “Come on show my viewers the differences here” right?
Yeah I want to show you guys the difference in the rock dust here, so why don’t you
talk about each one of these real quick Josh I mean…
All right. This is the Cascade Minerals you guys can
see there, and look at the nice color on that, nice and dark.
It’s real dark, it’s dark, rich, earthy goodness. Cascade Basalt minerals from a true,
original volcanic deposit from actually Yellowstone apparently when it erupted and deposited its
goodness all over huge amounts of the United States. So, I mean the beautiful thing about
this vintage stone flour is there are veins of it all over the country, and Tom [inaudible]
who I consider a true, you know another Don Weaver, a mineral meister…
Wow. He is the man who has sourced this stuff,
and so this stuff has a little more gold color too, apparently it’s richer in silicon,
I have not had a chance to really study and analyze the mineral spectral charts and their
different ratios between all of these products, I believe that they are all good for your
soil. The main reason that I’m pushing our new CBD is simple, it’s local, we believe
in being a rock dust local vendor, and Tom [inaudible] who knows a lot more about mineral
frequencies and their valuable inputs to your soil, and what they do for your soil microbial
life and the biology for your plants to then absorb, he’s the one that sourced it for
us, and we trust him implicitly, i.e., you know I’m very passionate about compost tea,
I’m sure you’ve seen me blabbing on about my one-stop shop Boogie Brew tea before, and
it’s the same with these experts on rock dust, Tom [inaudible] is as passionate about
his rock dust and the mineral profiles in it as I am about my compost tea. So we really
trust his intelligence and how he was able to source this product. And then when we found
out its right here from the South Bay in Northern California we were all over it, because this
is an answer to our dreams. We’ve had a lot problems sourcing enough rock dust for
you guys from both Azomite and Cascade, so it’s a natural step of lowering our carbon
transportation footprint, and giving you a slightly better deal on a locally sourced
supposedly superior rock dust. Now is it better than the others? The jury is out there on
that, I know it’s a superb product a mineral meister like Tom [inaudible] certainly wouldn’t
put his weight behind this product if he didn’t know that it was indeed a very superior mineral
product. Cool man, so this is a basalt and it’s a
nice fine texture, I really like that a lot, it’s really fine, almost like a flour, so
this really is more available for the microbes in the soil, so Josh is this like water soluble
and can you use this in a hydro set up? There is no such thing as a truly water soluble
rock dust, none of them have higher than a nine or ten percentile range true solubility
factor. However you could certainly shake it up into a milk and introduce it through
your irrigation system, and because it is so finely ground it won’t just sit there
on the top of your soil and do nothing, you can introduce it into the plant’s initial
top inch of topsoil and watch it go to work for you quicker than your more granulated
products. However we also believe in a healthy amount of granulated products because that’s
why I like the Azomite sustained release, and I like the granulated Cascade, alright
because that gives your soil some BSA – bacterial surface area. Now if you think about it, rocks
break down in the soil at different levels of degradation, so you’re going to have
your finely, finely ground super sub-sand sized particles of rock that are being digested
by the microbes in your soil, and you’re also going to have your pebble sized consistency,
chunkier pieces of rock and all of those are crucial on a structural level to build a healthy
soil. On a frequency level, on a level of inducing the correct paramagnetic charge,
this is an area of science of which I profess to know nothing. But I do know that it works,
alright? I always talk too much but I never talk poop, all of these three products work.
It’s difficult to say which one works the best. We’re very excited about our again
supposed gold standard of rock dust this CBD, but we also still are true believers in products
like the Cascade minerals, and of course your old faithful, your trusty Azomite as well
as some of the other ones that are out there like the Gaia Green, and even the Accelerite
and so on. They are all valuable inputs. It’s really up to you to go out there and source
these products as cheaply as possible. We stand horrified by the lack of these products,
their lack of availability in the general marketplace. They are ubiquitous here on the
West Coast, we’re spoiled here in the 707 grow code with all of these at our disposal.
But for a good chunk of your viewers out there John, in America, you can’t even get this
stuff at your local nurseries, we’re really spoiled, we can get it at any local feed store,
Azomite, alright? Cascade is now distributed I’m proud to say by Sunlight Supply who
are the biggest hydroponic reseller distributor company, and Gaia, that one’s a little tougher
to find but that one’s a good product, they’re all really good, Accelerite I don’t know,
I think Bloomington Wholesale Garden Supply, BWGS carries them. So the good news is, these
things are being discovered and they are being picked up by bigger and bigger distributors.
But it’s still the tip of the iceberg, and you really need to insist that your local
nurseries, your local garden centers, even your local Home Depots, your local Ace Hardware
stores, “Hey, why is it you sell all of this chemical crap,” right, you know Grow
More, are you hearing me? By the way Grow More just bought out General Hydroponics.
Grow More are a Monsanto Company. So our old faithful 707 grow code hydro company, the
vintage cottage level sized industry in Sonoma County for so long, they’re now owned by
the mighty M. Wow, that’s crazy man.
Yeah. So why did you decide to name this CBD Josh?
Because CBD stands for something else besides California Basalt Deposit, right?
Well CBD as we all know stands for what I believe is the healthiest component of the
marijuana plant, the cannabinoids which every cell in our body has what’s called an endocannabinoid
system. Every cell has its own nervous and intelligence system, there’s a brain in
each cell of your body whether it’s in the blood or in the liver or in your muscle tissues
or even your brain tissues, it doesn’t matter, every cell in 99.9% of humans an mammals and
warm-blooded species in the world have what’s called an endocannabinoid system, and so the
CBD, the cannabinoid, that’s the most important component of all the valuable attributes or
all the valuable components in the marijuana plant and the hemp plant family, and actually
CBD doesn’t get you high at all, but I just couldn’t resist the play on the words when
Tom [inaudible] my mineral meister on the East Coast who would source this vintage stone
flour right here in California told me what it was, that it was indeed a true California
BasaltDeposit, I went “Bingo, California Basalt Deposit, there’s our CBD minerals,”
sourced as you can see proudly from our own home here in the Calijuana Republic.
Now what is Calijuana mean Josh? Well come on, I mean I leave that up to you,
Calijuana, flauna, marijuana, I mean Mary Jane, Calijuana, hey don’t forget we started
it, Colorado and Oregon and Washington D.C. and now Alaska too have all legalized it,
so I mean it’s a shame that the Calijuana Republic didn’t do it in 2010, a little
too much money injected into the saying no to the legalization campaign by the industrial
prison complex, and the mad money that all those prison guards’ unions, otherwise California
already would have passed it in 2010. You know I’m getting ready for 2016 John, it’s
alive and well in California we’re fully expecting legalization to finally occur six
years too late, it should have happened in 2010 with Prop 19, it’s going to happen
in 2016 for sure, and so you know we have a CBD product, it’s a CBD mineral.
Alright Josh, so the question is will the CBD minerals make the THC in your CBD and
your cannabis plants go wild? I mean absolutely of course it’s going to
the question is, will it make them go any wilder than using an Azomite or a Cascade
or a Gaias or an Accelerite? I think I just listed the top five in the rock dust industry.
We’ll see. You know the jury’s out, I would love to give you all the chance to use
all of these products, and give us your own feedback.
Cool, cool yeah I mean I’m going to start using this CBD stuff, I haven’t even started
yet because it just got here, so I’m going to get a whole bunch of this stuff.
Well we just donated him a 2000 pound super tote, actually that’s courtesy of Tom [inaudible],
he actually over-shipped us a couple of totes, God bless him, so money’s like manure, keep
spreading it around Tom, thank you, you know [inaudible] for you later.
Alright yeah man, so I’m going to be trying this stuff and let you guys know how it works,
if you guys want to try it I’ve negotiated with Josh a special this is a
Once again… Lowest price rock dust delivered, right?
Well yeah we’re doing 50 pounds of CBD only at $44.95 delivered, that’s on the GYG page,
standard price $49.95. Alright Josh so besides just the CBD rock
dust, if somebody wants to get that, you know I advocate using a lot of different rock dusts,
you know use as many kinds as you want, I think at one point I put six kinds maybe I
could now do a seventh kind in my garden, so I probably have the most rock dust of any
guy, except maybe Tom I don’t know, but I mix all different kinds man, I’m like
the master brewmiester rock dust guy. But I’ll have another kind, but I want you guys
to be able to have access to all the different kinds to mix in your garden because I truly
believe, you know that’s the best. I don’t know if this is the best, that’s the best,
you know who cares, in this society we live in it’s all this right, wrong, good, bad,
and I think there’s a spectrum like shades of grey, 50 shades of grey or whatever you
know. So shades of rock dust, we got the black, we got the whatever kind of pink, we got the…
We got the white here, yeah, we got the one with the [inaudible] in it yep, and then we
got the gold. But yeah I mean so use all three…
Absolutely. For those of you guys that want to get in
on all three different rock dusts Josh put together a special package for you guys, so
Josh what is the special package with all three rock dusts?
Hold on, let me correct him there, he requested that I put together a special package, and
actually you all have been asking me to do a box that has different minerals in it. So
we’re calling it the Rock Box Medley, and we’re happy to do it for you John, and for
all of you of course, so give you a bit of each. I mean don’t forget the Azomite, you
know it has a lot of silica in it, it’s [inaudible] based, a true clay-based rock
dust, then you have your basalt rock dust right here, then you have your more finely
ground more gold, copper-tinged [inaudible] from California, so definitely by having all
three of these products together in one box, you are truly giving your garden a medley.
You’ve got three different grades here, not just of different mineral frequencies
and colors on these minerals, but also the chunkiness and the lack of on the different
ones. So you’ve got your true vintage stone flour as Tom himself bequeathed the real name
of the CBD minerals, alright so it’s his gold standard, his vintage mineral flour.
Then you’ve got your chunkadoopalis, your sustained released Azomite which is actually,
this is a real clever product, what they do is they take the original Azomite, then they
spray it down with molasses, then they put it in a base of their [inaudible] clay, which
is actually what the Azomite is sourced from. So you’ve got a different frequency from
that, it’s nice because it gets released slowly over the course of the season, microbes
are going to keep digesting it, it’s not going to get all used up within a couple of
months, and then of course you’ve got the real chunky granulated and very dark Oregon
basalt which you can clearly see, there is indeed quite a color difference. And that’s
how I like to look at products you know? I don’t sit there and analyze them with a
microscope. The best compost tea is the one that smells the best and has the most flavor
and visceral response to it, so by introducing, you know there’s the rainbow diet, hey give
your soil the rainbow mineral banquet you know? It’s only going to do better than
just trying to give it a single charge with one mineral.
So Josh, on this medley box, how many pounds of each one comes and what’s the price and
what’s the total weight on it? Alright well he negotiated that with me, so
I mean he already knows, but I’ll spell it out to you. You’re actually going to
get not one but two, oh God, so you’re going to get over 25 pounds of the CBD minerals,
the California Basalt Deposit, because that’s our new baby and we’re very proud of it,
you’re going to get 12 ½ pounds of Azomite, oh God it’s heavy. And you’re going to
get 12 ½ pounds of the Cascade minerals. You’re going to get a 50 pound box with
all four of these, four of these bags. Two of them CBD, one the Azomite Sustained Release,
and one Granulated Basalt from Oregon, the Cascade. All in one box, and the price is
going to be $44.95. Wow, that’s under a dollar…
Less than a dollar a pound for all of these products delivered as a medley, as a rock
dust banquet, as a mineral frequency smorgasbord, as a buffet of different rock dusts for the
microbes to consume and feast on in your soil, absolutely.
That’s cheaper than some places I just go to buy the rock dust in the store, I’ve
seen you know because I’ve priced around… Right.
Sometimes they sell it more than that, and then you’ve got to get in your truck and
drive down to pick up, this way you just go online and order it, it comes right to your
door. So Josh, you know if people want to know how much of this stuff to use, how much
do you recommend to use, because I recommend [inaudible].
Oh here we go, here we go, time for our little Boggie battles here on how much to use. Well
as Don Weaver says, if you’re dealing with a serious mineral deficient soil to begin
with, then you can go ahead and charge it initially with as much as one pound per square
foot John. But after that on a maintenance dose you really only need about a pound for
every 10 square feet. Right yeah, and I mean you guys don’t have
to do one pound per one square foot, that could get really expensive if you have a lot
of space, so you know you could do, I don’t know one pound per two square feet.
There you go, that’s a good compromise. That’ll half your cost right there, or minimally,
one pound per ten square feet minimal application but I would recommend more because you can’t
really burn with this rock dust. So Josh, what do you say to the people that says rock
dust doesn’t work? I say go ahead and try it yourself. Success
leaves clues, follow the clues, alright? Forget about science or pseudo-science or bogus science
or even real science. We still don’t know. Most soil biologists will admit this to you
– the ones who’ve gone to the finest ag schools. We only know 1 percent, barely the
tip of the iceberg of what’s really going on in the soil biology beneath our feet. You
go stand in a virgin redwood forest like up there at my favorite place where I want my
ashes to be scattered up in Humboldt Redwood State Park, which has more life forms per
square meter than any other place on earth, eight times higher than the next densest biology
place, which would be the Amazon rain forest. So we don’t know anything about what really
has produced these miraculous conditions. But we do know that this stuff works. Anecdotal
evidence is so overwhelmingly powerful. Don’t believe me, go on Amazon, look at the reviews
for something as benign, as simple and easy to obtain as Azomite, then it only goes to
the next level when you start introducing things like the Cascade minerals. And the
CBD, we’re already seeing results ourselves, we have people, when we add it to the tea,
the microbes go nuts, they love this stuff, you could boost your compost tea with this
stuff, it works, success leaves clues, just follow the clues.
I mean, I totally agree, I think you guys should always experiment with everything in
life. Even if you’re told something, try to do it. I have friends that grow mangoes
in Las Vegas and actually is going to be successful hopefully.
Wow. So I mean, you could do anything you want
if you put your mind to it and take the proper steps, right? And I truly believe, because
I’ve done it myself. This stuff does make a difference and it can make a difference
for your garden, it’s so important to me that you guys start using some of these minerals
to get these back in the soil so that you guys could have the higher quality food, but
not just the higher quality food, food that tastes better, food that’s more pest, bug,
and disease-resistant because a healthier crop is going to get attacked less. So the
more you guys could use things like the compost tea or the rock dust, get it in your garden,
and create healthier plants, the bugs and insects, the disease, they’re going to go
to your neighbor’s house you know and let them go all over there. Then your neighbors
will say “What are you doing?” Yeah what are you doing? I mean this stuff
really does work, we’ve seen it work your garden, even though I believe maybe you’ve
gone overboard with it. So here I am the hypocrite who in the last video accused you of trying
to turn all your beautiful grow boxes into concrete by using this much rock dust, and
now I’m offering you a free super tote of our new CBD gold standard of minerals, so
I guess you know take that for what you will, but we know the stuff works, especially in
combination with a good compost tea program, lots of worm castings, lots of compost in
your soil. You can’t go wrong, and it’s so cheap, it’s so affordable compared to
any other method of horticulture, this stuff works at the lowest possible price.
I mean I totally agree with that, you guys definitely need to mineralize your soil whether
that’s with the rock dust or using sea solids like the Sea 90 product that Josh also offers,
or even one of the other different sea products that are out there.
Yeah you only need about five percent on your sea minerals versus 95% on your terra origin,
your land-based minerals, alright? The Sea 90 is a positively charged ion, alright? It
is a salt, it will penetrate cell wall tissue. Most of the terra formed minerals, they might
have some positive charge, but they’re mostly negatively charged, they have a colloidal
charge. That means they will generally tend to hold the cell wall tissue and not penetrate
it. Therefore you can actually go overboard with your terra formed minerals, you can use
too much rock dust and it won’t hurt your plants the same way as using too much Sea
90 sea minerals, sea salt. So we generally recommend five to 15 percent. So as much as
15% on your Sea 90, and as little as 85% and up to 95% on your land-formed, your terra
origin, [inaudible] clay, [inaudible] that would be the Accelerite which we unfortunately
don’t sell but that is a great product nonetheless on your basalt deposit minerals. A volcanic
mineral is not going to penetrate plant cell wall tissue and damage it, so you can actually
go overboard on all this stuff, and it really won’t hurt anything unless you’re like
John and you’re a total rock dust Nazi, and you want to use enough of it to turn your
grow beds to concrete, but that’s a different story.
None of my grow beds are concrete, check out any of them here. And the thing I want to
say is you have to really be careful with some of the ocean derived minerals with the
salts, I have had some of my viewers come up to me and say “John, I used that Sea
90” or other products on the market… The liquid versions, right.
You know too much too often, and my plants went out. So that’s why I like to stick
with what’s easy, what you can’t really mess up on, and that’s the rock dust [inaudible].
Well I mean with the Sea 90, what I like to tell people is don’t forget the Egyptians
used to pray to a god called Hapy, H A P Y, one P, and he was their flood god. And they
asked him to please allow the Mediterranean to create a strong lunar, you know moon gravity-bound
tidal surge just once per growing season to give their whole rice bowl growing region,
their whole Nile river delta watershed ag region a salt bath, a once a year seawater
bath. And that created unique electrical frequencies that none of these terra formed rock dust
minerals that were already naturally present from millions of years of the Nile depositing
ground up rock. It created a new electrical frequency. They didn’t know anything about
this, you know what that [inaudible] the science of it, just like we still don’t some 3,000
years later. But nonetheless, they knew enough to know that aha, that once a year, that’s
very infrequent application of those highly-charged seawater minerals, created unique benefits
in the electrical fields that the microbes in the soil would then feast on. Alright so
we actually do offer to any of you that want to upgrade this $45 box, you can add for a
couple of bucks more, the Sea 90, alright so you really don’t need much more than
that. That will actually fit into the box, so you’re still not paying extra for shipping.
If you do want some extra Sea 90 along with this smorgasbord of variety of frequencies
of terra formed minerals. Awesome Josh, so Josh if somebody wanted to
get this deal, what’s the website they need to go to?
Come on, you all know it by now, boogiebrew.net/gyg. You’re only going to get that sub one dollar
a pound delivered price on all of these together, our best ever deal on a rock dust box, on
what we call the Rock Box Medley for $44.95 for 50 true pounds of all three of what are
world-class products, especially our new CBD minerals.
That’s almost as crazy as Crazy Eddie’s prices, that’s insane. [laughter].
That is getting pretty crazy thanks to you beating us up. We’re getting sick of all
these Rock Boxes, we’re throwing rocks at all these Rock Boxes. But hey, what are we,
a compost tea company or a rock dust vendor? Well why not be both and try to make the best
deals available to the public on both, and that’s what we’re doing for you and your
viewers. [inaudible] Josh, I want to thank you you
know for bringing in the rock dust, because I know, I mean Josh has brought in a bunch
of these products for you guys because I’m like “Josh, you have a company, you already
ship stuff,” Right.
Well hey can you ship some of this stuff [inaudible] for my viewers here, because actually this
isn’t my request, I met Josh years ago, and I’ll put a link down to the original
video [inaudible] [inaudible ] now.
But anyways I met Josh years ago and he had a compost tea company selling compost tea,
and I talked about rock dust all the time, even going back five years I’ve been talking
about rock dust since the day I put in my garden and adding the stuff, and a lot of
you guys could not get it, so I requested that Josh bring in rock dust, and he figured
out how to do that, he makes it available, sells it to you, I mean nobody else I know
will bag it up and box it up in these flat rate packages and have problems with them
exploding at the post office and the post office people going off on him and he takes
all that shit… Yep.
For you guys so you guys could get the rock dust. Because you know, it is that important
for me that you guys have the necessary tools to grow the highest quality food, and rock
dust for me is simply one of them. So thank you Josh for doing that for my viewers, man
You’re welcome, you’re welcome. [inaudible ] appreciate that, I hope you guys
appreciate that he busts his ass [laughter] getting this out to you, maybe he’s even
built some muscle from carrying all these… Rock boxes.
Fifty pound boxes of rock dust that’s being shipped around the whole country. Alright
Josh so I want to thank you for actually showing up and giving me a whole super tote of CBD
minerals, I’ll be sure to be using it and doing a lot of tests and trials to see how
it is, and if you guys want to get this deal with Josh, whether you want to get all CBD
or the combination box which is the one I would recommend, hey check that link down
below, it’s boogiebrew.net/gyg. For me, I gotta get back to gardening man, the suns’
going down and I’ve still got a shit ton of stuff to do, like I always do every day,
in my garden. Alright Josh so thanks a lot for coming by man.
You’re welcome. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, please be sure to check my other
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