High Meadows of Hoosick Falls – A Stonyfield Farmer’s Story

I worked my way through college milking
cows for my uncle and I said “You know, I kind of like doing this. Someday I’m
gonna get back to doing that.” We had the opportunity to acquire this beautiful farmstead and farm, and we were looking for a company like Stonyfield for long
term relationship. We’re extremely happy with Stonyfield. Once we get this operation out, there’s gonna be a lot of other things, you know
like maybe a classroom out here. We’d like to help educate younger people or anybody that wants to learn more about organic farming. And we really want this
to be a place any day of the year our doors open. One of the most important
things here is we’ve got to get people here. We were extremely excited to get to get cows out on pasture. It’s great for the cows, great for the
environment, it’s where the cows are feeding, it’s given my family a chance to
have my kids be able to work side-by-side with me. Looking forward, we
feel like it’s gonna be sustainable for a long time, so if they would like the
opportunity to take this farm forward in the future, I believe it’ll be here for
them to choose that.

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