Himalayan compost || organic compost || village life ||

you filming me i put from this side baby do not disturb us go away me too dig let me put full this basket heavy hummmm do fast ok i put this carry load you go ahead do you follow us? yes funny let me catch yarn do not fall down yarn ball talking about cattle is it ok? yes

26 thoughts on “Himalayan compost || organic compost || village life ||

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  2. yesto para ley kheytti garyo vhaney dhuko matrai huncha jilla bata krishe ma dhakxa vhaa ko ra anubhabi manchxi ley training dinnu paryo

  3. 我ら幼きより父母に依らざれば食べること能わず。父母の道 学ばざれば、生きる知恵しらざる。合掌。

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