Hirt’s Gardens Houseplant Unboxing + Review

Hello hello hello you guys and welcome back to my channel as you can tell I am in a different location And that is because it is late at night and the normal spot that I film in has a light Directly overhead that if I film under it kind of makes it look like some sort of a criminal investigation and this is not that video then it’s going to be an unboxing from Hirt’s the box just arrived today Well, obviously today but I just arrived literally right now and I couldn’t bear to wait until morning to open it because first of all it’s so smooshed and sogified, that I’m not quite sure if it’ll actually make it till morning I mean, of course it will make it till morning, but The curiosity is killing me inside because I have heard so many mixed reviews about Hirt’s as an online Nursery simply because some people say that it’s amazing They love it get a great deal on the plants other times my viewers and other people have said steer clear Don’t do it. And of course You know, I just kind of had to figure out for myself, so without further ado Let’s get into the box. shipping for this was pretty quick. I ordered it basically Sunday evening and it arrived today And today is Wednesday the day before gobbling gobble Day, which is Thanksgiving here in the States I am actually, oh that’s a lot of popcorn… I’m actually making a large Hungarian feast tomorrow instead of the typical American fare, but this is what the inside of the box looks like I see a little green fellow sprouting out. I wonder which one that is. This is a lot of popcorn. I Think that’s what you call that styrofoamy stuff. Is there a way for you to see it? Maybe I’ll just center the box but it’s still kind of high up. So, oh! That’s dangerous with all that stuffing falling around because I have my two dogs here in the yard or not the yard, the house with me So I don’t want to get any on the floor. Oh I know what this is. This is that dancing one! Where is my invoice? So the only thing that was in the box that I was able to see at the top at least was this Christmas cactus care guide which is super helpful, but now that I’m at the point where I’m taking the plans out I sure do wish I had an invoice that said What exactly I got but I know that this is all A little broken one, but that should be okay the rest look in a totally great condition the stock looks really nice and healthy, and it’s Beautiful. I thought it would looked it super fun how it’s kind of these little green stalks with this little fun leaves at the end Of it. So overall. I’m not mad at this. This looks really good I think we’re off to a great start except for this little casualty But I wonder if I could bandage it to kind of keep it propped up. Right? We’ll figure it out But let’s move on Digging through here kinda reminds me of like like a ball pit, you know, like in like the little kid yard I feel like I need an extra box just for this popcorn to even see like where the heck of my plants are Okay, okay Okay Okay so this is Let me kind of get it fixed up so I can show you guys This is probably why some companies is wrap it in the newspaper so that it’s Not being smooshed around with the popcorn darn, well in any case I think this will be able to do just fine after a couple days of R & R but you Can see the leaves have beautiful variegation on it. Oh, yay Overall pretty happy with it Nothing scaring me off quite yet So that’s good. That’s a good sign Wow, this is a monster, so So, this is a Christmas cactus let’s see if we can get this out of here. I feel like I need a Calling the big guns for this one hup one two huppy huppy hup hup Also one thing to note is that the soil on all of these is very moist oh my gosh it’s so messy though Okay, lots of little guys falling off of this let me fix this over here real quick so that it can Okay, well this is a very full aah It’s like literally all falling apart right now. I Think that so far my consensus is that this is such a great idea. However They really could consider Fixing the way that they packaged their plants. I think that would help them tremendously Or in the very least help their customers tremendously So this is a Christmas cactus. It’s meant to be red and with white in the center to me. This looks fuchsia. Um But perhaps over time it will develop a deeper color. I will look into it a little bit more Ya see the label. It says red down here is taped and I don’t want to like lift it off just because It’ll get soil everywhere, but you can see kind of like little R Right, there’s a red so it’s beautiful really healthy really full pretty dang happy with it. I Think I was just expecting it to be a smidgen more Red than it is. But I mean, it’s beautiful. I love it. I’m excited and it looks pretty dang festive I’m going to start off by saying that I am NOT a plant identification Expert and I am by no means trying to cast shade onto Hirt’s However from the start I have had my suspicions about this cactus simply because it doesn’t look in my mind What a Christmas cactus typically should look like. On Instagram, I posted videos I posted comparison photos and I posted a poll asking what you guys thought and the vast majority Agreed that indeed the labeling was incorrect. And so because of that I reached out to their customer service and wanted further clarification just to see kind of what they had to say and did a ton of my research as well and their Response was this is indeed a Christmas cactus. I told them I wasn’t looking for anything. I’m not trying to get a refund I’m not trying to exchange the plant I simply want to educate myself and make sure that the future customers are also Educated and have the correct information and that they do too, you know Still they insisted that this is a Christmas cactus and that any changes in the leaf or the stem or in terms of its appearance are due to the cooler temperature that they are grown and despite the fact that these actually need a cooler temperature in order to bloom and thrive and therefore would not cause this alleged Christmas cactus to look like a Thanksgiving cactus I don’t really take anything at face value, especially not when my curiosity is piqued I mean I am a ravenclaw after all So I kept digging and looked at the botanical name of this plant and found out that this is indeed a Thanksgiving cactus and was improperly labeled as a Christmas cactus Apparently this is a very common mistake amongst nurseries But after I shared that new information they stopped responding to me So, again, I’m not trying to attack them simply try to educate myself and other people about plants, especially When you’re buying plants online because you already can hardly see every detail about them It is good to have a clear description of what you’re actually getting you know for how badly the box was damaged this is actually holding up pretty okay Pulling them out of here just endlessly makes me so nervous because of, okay, let’s shake out that popcorn There we go, yes this I am so excited about Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, this is the schefflera Plant or something. I have been wanting this variegated version for a Long time and I am so excited To see it here. I’m just trying to straighten it out so that it looks Nicer for you guys. I Have the standard green variety over there on the normal filming background but this has that beautiful creamy white variation on the leaves and I am a sucker for Variegation I think it is so fun This one looks really really great. I’m really happy with it. Umm Yeah, it’s beautiful. Definitely no complaints about this one. This is this looks fantastic. I mean really really full and beautiful. Can you see that? boom beautiful That’s a pretty good sized plant – I need to repot that little sucker soon But I think we might have one more plant oh This is my hoya This is gonna be the Hoya rope. It’s really really tiny. Um, Because I ordered I think like literally their tiniest size But let me take off some of this tape so I can see the actual plantaroonie inside Because otherwise, well I literally would not be able to see it. cause it’s. oh..no don’t stay on the plant. ahh Okay, I feel like a surgeon right now like a little . okay hold up . don’t . yes There we go If the tape was sticking to the hoya at first, i had to delicately separate it, but this is really beautiful. I Definitely don’t want to touch this too much because I don’t think the roots Are that developed? but this is a Hoya rope, I believe this is the variegated one if I remember correctly But it looks really great looks really small I’m excited to see it grow beautiful beautiful healthy-looking and plant Very happy with it Cuz I thought was actually one of the first plants that I Knew that I wanted when I was first looking into like different peoples Plant tours and collections and stuff. Was that curly little rope? And so I’m very excited to have my own version of it. And I believe that this is the last plant in here But let me fish around a little bit before I stay like for sure it’s the last plant because then it’s like You know, you never know There’s literally no invoice in here That’s so bizarre In any case last but not least we have this beautiful. I was hoping to take this tag out Very moist soil holy moly. Um Last but not least we have this beautiful calathea. This is the white fusion This is what they had like all these plants look like free darn Good Like I am just like mind blown because like literally I had like viewers tell me to avoid this company I have heard other people online give weird reviews about this company I’ve gotta stay though, like honestly like aside from a couple kerfuffles But like with the little broken dancer leg like on this guy and the little smushy fern on this one Like honestly, I feel like this is more like packaging shipping error as opposed to like nursery error Like all the plants that I ordered look extremely extremely healthy and I’m in shock I mean, that’s all I can say I was expecting to like open this all up and be like mortified and horrified and have buyer’s remorse or something. Literally I almost canceled my order after I had placed it just because of how much of like a Fear I had within this company, but I said no I got to do and figure it out for myself and quite frankly I’m glad I did because this worked out really well. I mean, this is beautiful I mean all of them aren’t like they have really healthy stocks on the inside as I said, I think the only thing that they can improve upon is Literally just their packaging methods Wow This is not how I expected it to turn out. I don’t know what to say I mean, like don’t get me wrong. I am so happy that they all turned out as beautiful as they did it but That’s just amazing So in any case if you liked this unboxing and if you’d like to see more videos like this Make sure to give me a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe So that you don’t miss out on the future videos that I make. Thank you so much for joining me on this late night Filming and thank you so much for boxing’s with me because I was so curious to see what was up with this company So, all in all, I’m giving this place two thumbs up. That was pretty darn good. I liked it. So, yay!

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