Home Composting – How to Use Up Your Compost in Fall, Even if Unfinished!

Hi guys is Katie with Burbs and Blooms. And today I’m going to show you three different
ways that you can completely empty out your compost bin and get that compost working for
you over the winter, leaving you with a completely empty bin to start fresh with all the fall
goodies like leaves and pumpkins. I have lots of composting tips and tricks. So please subscribe to my channel, click like,
thumbs up, and also share this video. That helps me out so much. Okay, let’s go outside. So sometimes you really want finished compost
and the way you’re going to do that is by sifting. I have two things that I use. I kind of interchange them. The first one is this sifting screen. This is a frame that came with an appliance
and I just stapled this mesh on the back, called hardware cloth. The other method that I use is just an old
milk crate. So guys, this pile has been going since last
fall. I take some out now and then and add constantly,
but for the most part I start a new pile every fall. So you can see what’s left in here are some
pretty good sized chunks. And then I just take this and I just dump
it right back in. So let me show you real quick how I use the
screen. Same concept, shake it back and forth. Sometimes I spend a little more time breaking
up clumps; sometimes I don’t worry about this and I might toss all of these back in the
bin. So you can see this is just a couple of scoops
full of compost from the bin that has been sifted and it’s just this beautiful soft black
material. So sometimes I don’t really care too much
about it being super fine and finished and in those cases I typically just use my screen
or milk crate as a way to sort of sort just the largest pieces. So I’ll spread out my compost on here. Look for anything particularly big. This all looks really good. If there was something really large in here,
I just pick it up by hand and then instead of pushing it through the screen, dump the
rest right in. That’s sort of the slightly easier method,
but you don’t get as finally sifted compost from that method. Okay. So here’s the most easy, efficient way to
use up your compost that I promised you. It doesn’t matter how finished it is, how
unfinished it is. You can use all of the compost in your bin
this way so fast. So all you do see, dig a trench or a hole
as I did here. This is about, I don’t know, maybe 10 inches
deep. Um, I did it in one of my raised veggie planters. You could easily do it in one of your garden
beds as well. So you just dig a hole, scoop out whatever
you’ve got. You can see here, here’s a completely unfinished
apple right on top, just simply put it into the trench or the hole. You’re just burying your half finished compost
and it will continue to break down over winter, in exactly the place where you need it most. Once you’ve got a little bit in there, let’s
see, here’s a tomato or something. You just cover it back up soil and forget
it all winter long. You can use up your entire compost bin that
way. Get it into all the right spots in the garden,
no tilling, no worries. From sifting out perfectly finished compost
like we did over here, partially finished compost as a top dressing in your garden beds
or even completely burying unfinished compost, it’ll all work for you over the winter and
you’ll be ready to go come spring. So now you have three different ways that
you can use up your entire fall compost so that you have a nice empty bin completely
ready to go with leaves and funky slimy pumpkins and all the good stuff the fall has to offer. So remember fall leaves are considered Browns
and you’ll want to Balance those out with plenty of greens. So if “browns” and “greens” sounds a little
bit foreign to you, go check out my other composting for beginners videos so that you
have all the fundamentals under your belt. Also down below, I have a really handy dandy
cheat sheet that you can print out, and it gives you a list of greens and browns. It also gives you some things to avoid with
your compost bin (unless you want to see the same things floating around there for years
at a time,) and a couple of frequently asked questions as well. All right, so I’m going to continue emptying
out my compost bin. If you liked this video, if it was helpful
at all, please click “Like” down below. Please always feel free to share. That helps me out so much knowing that people
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