Hoss Compost Shovels

Hi I’m Greg with Hoss Tools. I want to show
you our shovels today. The scoop shovels we sell are great for compost and manure. I used
it when I was a boy to shovel corn seed. A lot of the dairy people around use them, people
in the saw mills use them. They’re made to be used every day, heavy duty construction.
This one right here, the aluminum model, is a lot thicker than the ones you buy at the
big box stores and best of all it’s made in the USA. Our polymer model is thick too — heavy
duty construction. Now these are the ones that the guys tell me you need to use if you’ve
got an uneven surface. Now if you’ve got an even surface, I’d recommend using the aluminum
model and if it’s uneven, use the polymer. The polymer slides over the bumps a little
easier and doesn’t get caught on the cracks or things that may be sticking out of the
floor. Again, made in the USA. Check it out.

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