Hot Winter Compost! using leaves in a dirt berm

So I’ve been burned when it comes to compost I gave it a try last year, using kitchen waste, and just couldn’t get it going For some reason, after a year, I tried it again, using mostly leaves and some kitchen waste I have to thank gaetanproductions and CaliKim29, two youtube users who have used leaves for hot compost So it’s a cold day in Denver. Let me bring the thermometer over here. It says 29.5 degrees F(-2 C) The local weather station says it is 24 (-5C), so it’s well below freezing. I’ll lift these rocks up off the compost I built a dirt berm about 2 feet high on either side of the compost. And then covered it with a tarp. Let’s look at the compost thermometer. About 90 degrees F (32 deg C). And that’s only 5 days after starting this pile. So it has been successful I didn’t do anything special. I threw in the leaves, which were cut up with a lawn mower One thing we’ve got here is a lot of leaves. The neighbors bag them, so I should have leaves without doing any work So far so good on this hot winter compost pile using leaves and kitchen waste

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