HOTBIN Compost Bin – A Quick Tour

Once you have unwrapped your HOTBIN take a moment to familiarise yourself with its parts the lid of the HOTBIN houses a thermometer,
aeration valve and bio-filter, the lid thermometer will allow you to gauge whether the HOTBIN’s temperature is going up or down. However for a more accurate reading you can use the long stem thermometer. We should make you aware that if your HOTBIN is only halfway full the internal heap temperature can read up to 30 degrees hotter than the lid thermometer. This is the HOTBIN’s aeration valve which needs to be opened by twomillimeters just like this to regulate the flow of oxygen through your waste.
The HOTBIN’s bio-filter is located under the aeration valve and filters out any
odors associated with attracting pests to your compost heap the bio-filter
should not need to be removed or replaced at any time. When closed the lid
helps to retain all the heat generated by the bacteria check your lid opens and
closes smoothly before you get started make sure you keep the lid tightly
closed and free of any waste that could prevent it from shutting fully. Also
familiarize yourself with the removable access panel this is where you harvest
all your hot-pink compost from, note the finger recesses on both sides which will
help when removing the panel. When the HOTBIN is empty the access panel can be
difficult to remove, do not remove it until you have compost ready to harvest
and you will find it much easier to take off. Finally you will have noticed the
aeration mesh on the bottom of the HOTBIN, this draws oxygen into the heap
to keep the bacteria working efficiently. This is also where you may notice any
excess liquid draining from. You can collect the brown liquid leachate from
this area in a shallow container to use as the liquid fertilizer on your garden. If you found this video helpful please click the like button below and don’t
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