HOTBIN Composting – Setting Up Your Compost Bin

The HOTBIN comes ready assembled and
is quick and easy to set up so you’ll be adding your first load of waste in no
time at all. Remove the bubble wrap and check your HOTBIN arrived safely, open the lid and pull out the bag of bulking agent and the bag of accessories. First of all take the cam straps and
attach them by threading the loose ends through the metal buckles check the
straps are not twisted and then drop the loop over the top of the HOTBIN. Position the first strap at the bottom
of the panel as shown here, pinch the buckle and pull the strap through until
it’s nice and tight. Repeat this for the second strap at the top of the panel.
Tuck the loose ends up behind the straps so they don’t dangle on the
ground, alternatively you can use the paper clip or in this case a couple of
hair pins. Because your HOTBIN has a solid base you can position it on any flat surface. Make sure the HOTBIN is level so any liquid can drain out the aeration mesh. Next open the valve by two millimeters once set the valve should be left in place with no further adjustments required and
then finally before you add in any waste it’s a good tip to scatter in a few thin
twigs and/or prunings at the bottom of the HOTBIN as this will improve
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2 thoughts on “HOTBIN Composting – Setting Up Your Compost Bin

  1. I added twigs to improve air circulation. I also removed the bio filter as I bought the bin secondhand I found I just couldn't get more than 30c so removing it I now get a constant 50c on the lid thermometer. inside it's a constant 60c. out of interest I also pointed a thermal camera at the bin and it showed the lid thermometer, vent as the hot spots but interestingly around the lid where there is a small gap. all good though and works v well.

  2. Whatever man wrote the script to this video, not only men set up compost bins; in my experience, quite the contrary. "Pinching hair pins off the wife?!" Keep your disgusting sexism and '50's nuclear family propaganda along with your other dirty little prejudices to yourself when in a public forum. In fact, get over yourself and compost them.

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