HOTBIN Hot Composting Between 60 and 70 Degrees Celsius

Okay, so here we are at HOTBIN HQ. This
is our HOTBIN and we are in Northampton. It is about six degrees Celsius. It is Thursday the 18th of February and we’re just checking our temperature
readings. So you can see in the lid here we’re reading about 40 degrees Celsius and we’re just going to check the internal temperature as well using the long stem thermometer so just bear with me one second. Oh… it’s a bit steamy. So we’ll just leave that for 10 seconds or so and then take a reading. Okay, hopefully that should be long
enough. I don’t know whether you can see inside without getting too steamed up. Take the thermometer out and have a
quick look. There you can see about 60 to 70 degrees Celsius and a HOTBIN steaming away nicely. Make sure you subscribe to the HOTBIN
YouTube channel today to avoid missing out on any hot composting advice

3 thoughts on “HOTBIN Hot Composting Between 60 and 70 Degrees Celsius

  1. ours is only getting 10 ltrs of kitchen waste a week, but is still hovering at around the 20c mark. Did a cut of the lawn in January (!) and mixed that in with a caddy of kitchen waste and it went up to 38c after a couple of days. Everything goes in, we shred junk mail for carbon, havent emptied it since September . Anyone still paying £40 a year for the Council Kerbside fortnightly green waste collection? why?…

  2. My bin has only been running for a couple of weeks its at 150 F this morning I added more kitchen scrap with a scope of wood chip and gave it s little stir I found the chicken bones I out in last Sunday has already gone . The bin is steaming along like mad. I`ve never been able to compost at such a high temperature before and I`ve been gardening for 62 years.

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