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Hello gardening friends, welcome to Backyard Basics maybe you go outta town now and then three
days even up to seven days or so and you need to take your house plants
maybe someone comes over for you now and then you may not need that you may be able to
take care of them just by putting them in a container and grouping them all in there you know
if you put water into the bottom of the container it may be too wet for that
period we don’t need it to be that wet and so one of the things that we can do
is to put them in the container let me show
you this little ficus great house plant right here and so this
little ficus goes in there and all around it I’ve already done this
but we take some newspaper and then wad it up like that stuff it
in we stuff it in everywhere you can see that it is in between all the plants in there and
so the next thing to do in order to keep them nice and moist first you water the plants and then you
put this in there and it insulates it also and so what I’ll do is just wet them down each time and I’m not over filling the bottom there
may be a little bit to water down there but not all that much and so this is a very good way you you got to keep it in the right light though so near a window the way you had them before you may as
well put it back in that spot nice containers of different types are
available at different stores and I think that putting your house
plants in something like this make sure that they are in good shape when you get home these plants are great house plants this is the Ficus Elastica a very good one and this is the Neanthe Bella palm one of my favorite palms and this is the dwarf one so it does very very well in the house and grows very nicely I put the paper in there a
little bit of moisture they are all wet and I can leave them alone, put them by the window don’t hide them some people do something like this in
the bathtub that’s fine but getting all that paper wrapped around them and insulating them a bit is a little bit more challenging in the big
container like that although your big house plants can do
very well in there so that’s a real neat way to do this let me show you something
else sometimes your plants have been distressed for whatever reason and there is a way to revitalize them or actually feed them a little bit now we’ve used compost in many other areas out in the garden on the trees on the roses it’s good on house plants too, you don’t need to brew it a whole lot what we do is we take a little bit of your homemade compost, that’s the best one you can find and you can see some down there with
that little teaspoon we will use three teaspoons in this
combination right here so we put it in there last night and we let it sit we make the extract but it has the compost in there and in order to spray it we’ve got to get that out of there or it will clog now this comes from a paint store really nice you could use a coffee
filter if you had enough to hold it in there and so I will pour this in here the
compost particle stay on top and you can see the tea that’s coming out of the bottom so this makes a little tea, it’s an extract of what’s in the compost and then the next thing is you take that and you pour it into your sprayer so now we have it in here and you can use this on any plants whether they’re on the porch or inside
the house they all benefit from this little compost spray so it’s not just outdoors and so we’ll go
through here and just a light mist also and
underneath you know you can get rid of a red spider
that might be accumulating down there but you get nutrients and the plants
just kinda come back to life and so that’s a real good idea to do
well for Backyard Basics I’m John Dromgoole I’ll see you next

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