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Good morning YouTube. This is Bob here a prepper Bella Channel Having done a video on my car in a while. Just thought I’d stop in and say hi. So I got a question I know I realized the cameras cook half of my head off, but I’m driving so I Was watching a video this morning I put out my bug-out bubble It’s a very good video talking about gardening and he had mentioned in their data You know Department of Agriculture recommends 4,000 square feet for one person for a year to plant a garden 4,000 square feet I Started thinking about it. That just seems to me like an awful lot of square footage of a one person so that would take I Live in a single-wide mobile home. Ok, I would need four mobile homes sizes a lot of land that would be Full that would fit four of my mobile homes just for me. So For me and Carol we would need about 8 Okay so just to me it just seemed like An awful, you know So what is what does a person do that? Lives in an area like I don’t live in a 55 Plus community. Ok I’m not allowed to plant anything, but I can have party plans. You know, I can make a Raised beds and that kind of stuff I would never be able to plant enough pots or raised beds in My yard to grow enough food for one person for a year So, I don’t know. What do you think about that? I mean the does that to you seem like an awful lot of land Just for one person It does to me and so so what is the person in my position supposed to do anybody that has an area You know you would have to have like 20,000 pots Something like that, you know You need to have a hundred thousand different little raised bed pots and nooks and crannies to be able to put stuff in and um Almost makes me not want to plant anything No, just kidding. I would have to Just say so anyway, I was just putting that out there for you. I mean, it seems like you know a 1:1 plant of green beans Yields a lot of green beans for two people To to eat and and to put food back It would also be you know, if I did it all in pots it would also be easy and amazing I would think you know So anyway, it’s just a little food for thought it Pardon – pardon food for thought yeah. Okay, whatever. I’m stupid So I just wanted to do this little video and see what y’all thought does that seem like a lot to you You know, and I’m not questioning Bubba I’m not questioning it at all. I just it when I watched the video just put something in my head that it seems like I’m fighting a losing cause here as far as planting vegetables because I just don’t have enough fling it So and if I was a vegan What would I do that? You know, I mean I Can’t plant enough fruits and vegetables anywhere to sustain life Because for all the work that would take to plant something that big without tractors and stuff I would burn off all the calories and follow the good stuff that I need And I would be dead before the plants even came up So no, I’m just putting that out there, you know, just leave some comments and a lychee little topic of conversation This is Bob from the pepper. Bob channel. Ask you how to like share and subscribe my channel. Let’s all work together and stay alive

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  1. I will have to check out that video also. Just yesterday Anthony, (Palmetto Prepared), was talking about having enough stock pile to last until those harvest come in. Made sense! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 👍🏼

  2. having some knowledge that's a lot of land to take care of and I believe that's over kill, but just me thanks for sharing and have a great week as well

  3. ,,hello P,,B,, the only way you can raise that much food is to Row Crop garden,,with a little fertilizer and the right conditions,, the weather,, you can raise a lot of food,,,it also takes a lot of work, there are a lot of misleading videos here on you tube about gardening just saying,,, things we need to know how long is the growing season where they are when is there first and last frost date,, what grows best where the are,,and there altitude for canning,,hope this helps,,

  4. that would be a pretty big garden. I would have to till up my entire yard!

    I dont think most YT preppers are capable of a self sustaining garden.

    I have been trying to coordinate transport of a greenhouse a coworker no longer wants.

    I guess if ya cant increase your square footage maybe you could increase your growing season?

  5. Old farmer/ rancher here. Vegan died with 6 months. A lot of city folks make that mistake . 4000 Square foot is the minimum for one year. Think outside the box. Raised beds can help in your house lot. To weather a long term SHTF. You have rent or buy a acre for correct food crops. The summer garden crap won't hack it. Most people screw that one up.

  6. Is 4000 square feet a 20m by 20m box? Yeah, I'd say that's the bare minimum and you'd have to be spot on with your preserving for growing periods and off season.

  7. I know of a man and a woman, who live in Southeastern Michigan, who grow enough food for themselves, plus enough surplus to sell at the local farmer's market, using two hoop houses that are thirty feet wide and ninety feet in length each.

  8. Thats 4000 sq ft minimum. You also have to take into account location. Those in the south like me have a much longer growing season that those up north. So in order to source the same calories, you might need to increase the size even more. Theres a reasons neighborhoods and such didnt exist until the modern markets and grocers came around. People needed the space to grow food

  9. can you plant trees? apple, plum, peach, pear and berries along a fence maybe? I have several large gardens plus a small orchard of trees and berries…I hate to say it but I think a 100% vegetarian diet would need 4,000 sq ft (I have more than 2,000 sq ft of only veggie and it's not enough) but that is 100% veg, I believe you are planning on supplementing (as am I) with meat…. that's a different story…BTW I think Bubba's comment came from this study: "Research in the 1970s by John Jeavons and the Ecology Action Organization found that 4000 square feet (about 370 square metres) of growing space was enough land to sustain one person on a vegetarian diet for a year, with about another 4000 square feet (370 square meters) for access paths and storage – so that’s a plot around 80 feet x 100 feet (24m x 30m)."   finally I have quite a few gardening and food preservation vids on my channel, but i've not considered doing much in pots…but I will now!

  10. That sounds crazy, my wife and I do strawbale gardening, we use about 24 bales and it is more food than we can eat, my wife freezes and cans and we still give a lot away. Strawbale garden with just two or three bales if you can, at least it is something. No weeds, no tilling, when you're done for the season, take the bales and make compost or hall them in your truck to the dump. I have a video on my channel if you are interested.

  11. It does seem like a lot. Our garden is pretty big but we have the room for it. But yes in actuality it does seem like a lot. Food for thought lol 😂 💜💜

  12. hello my friend thanx for sharing but maybe cut down the sq footage by using leaves stems and roots of the plants as well,,,not only are the fruits good

  13. I am in rural Virginia on 10 acres. Our garden is about 2 acres. We grow much of our staples. Beans is a major part of plants. Get ready for a potato shortage. Take a look at the grocery stores and prices. Potatoes are going in soon.

  14. I grew a large garden in 10 4'x8' raised beds. Even with a huge garden, things don't always go as intended. Pests took out about 50 lbs of my green striped cushaw. Pests also prevented me from growing more spinach. Another unforeseen circumstance was death in my immediate family as well as illness. These things will make raising food difficult, but having the persistence to grow food and to push through emotional and stressful times, will help you. Growing food is therapy for me. It's helped me to stretch my dollars after my husband died. Growing food has helped because in my life the s actually htf. I'm in an apartment now, but I will grow lettuces and spinach as well as other food that can survive our North Florida Winter. Even if you only grow in pots, my motto is #justgrowsomething.

  15. I think it would depend on the person and the amount of work they do.. your success in hunting would obviously have a lot to do with it as well as far as all around survival.. but row crops would be the only way to pull something like that off i would think

  16. hi Prepper Bob… i was thinking on your gardening restrictions and I came up with an idea which might work for you…at least give you more than what you have. I put up a VR video for you:

  17. Someone else did a video on this too (don't remember who). I had the same thoughts as you. There's no way you can get enough growing in pots. It is a tough question and will require some thought but it also depends on the situation. 👍😊🇺🇸

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