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How do glasses work? They work very hard to make us look intelligent and studious. No. When light from an object reaches our eyes, the cornea and lens refract the light. In a person having perfect vision, the refracted light is accurately focused on the retina. The retina then sends information to the brain, informing it about the object. However, in some people, the light does not get properly focused on the retina causing blurry vision. When light gets focused before the retina,
the defect is called myopia. Myopia can be corrected using glasses having concave lenses. Whereas, when light gets focused behind the retina, the defect is called hyperopia or hypermetropia. Hypermetropia can be corrected using glasses having convex lenses. Apart from these, there are other defects also like presbyopia. Astigmatism which can also be corrected using glasses having appropriate lenses.

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    Presbyopia : Bi-Focal Lens(Upper Part has concave lens and lower part has Convex Lens)
    Astigmatism: Cylindrical Lens

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  4. I am so confused right now, I watch other videos and they all say that light rays focus at the retina, but your video shows the light rays focusing in front of the retina and the image formed at the retina. Which is correct?

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