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  1. I have been going through your succulent videos and have been having so much fun. This is great, I would love a giveaway. I never knew about no touching the leaves. And I am getting that syringe! Have a great day

  2. I haven't ever had succulents, thinking about ordering cuttings this summer. My girlfriend and I want to grow medicinal plants and some fruits, but I just love little succulents! They seem like perfect window plants, but I don't know if they would get enough light in mine. Looking into grow lights but having trouble finding good places where I could have a plant and light.

  3. I am organizing a web page a nd a bussiness in order to promote agricultural education in Puerto Rico and the selling of terrariums. I am super excited with this channel because its a great place to learn new stuff. I actually shared some videos in my web page Confined Art -Terrarium-. Wish you the best!

  4. I have one succulent that stretched for the heavens. I’m keeping him a little better now so he’s stretching a little less but he’s our special one. We’re very emotionally attached hahah

  5. I’m scared ! I got my succulents from this seller who said she doesn’t water her succulents ! And the soil is just plain REGULAR PLANT SOIL! AND I live in the Philippines so it’s very rare to find SUCCULENTS soil. I’m trying my best to search for a replacement. My succulents are starting to grow AERIAL ROOTS! And I’m just 11 and cannot drive so I can’t actually just go to a store 1 hour away so I have to ask my mom to drive me and she said she has plans for the next 5 days so I can’t get the soil until May 6!!! (because that’s the closest place where there is succulent soil)I feel SOOOO so bad for my succulents (whos names are Shelby,tomato,mellisa,britzy,Sebastian) AND Shelby has her pot invaded by ants!!!Her leaves are starting to turn yellow tooo! I’m trying to propagate her but I don’t know if I’m doing everything correctly because ITS MY FIRST TIME PROPAGATING ! I’m 11 HAVE NO WAY TO GO EVERYWHERE AND BUY THE PRODUCTS I NEED CAUSE I CANT DRIVE! PLANTS ARE BEING INFECTED AND GROWING AERIAL ROOTS AND UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!HELP!

  6. Hello from India dear Garden Answer! I just adore you and your arrangements… I can watch you for hours together. I just bought some succulents from the nursery and they came in small plastic pots. I left them indoors as I was too lazy and the next morning to my horror I saw one of them turned all black! Could you please throw some light on this.

  7. I enjoy your videos so much. Here in Southern Oregon, our summers are HOT. Succulents are a great way to keep the color and texture even in the hottest of summers.

  8. I have a quick question, can you use the saucers that come the terra cotta and leave water in them for the plant to absorb. You really are amazing and do the very best videos I have ever seen.

  9. I have been trying to get all different succulent plants,I have this succulent and i dont know the name.Is like the one you mention in this video 1:33 what is the name for this succulent plant? Please. I also will go be a winner , to get more succulent plants 🌱🍃🌿❤👌

  10. I had a firestorm indoors from months under grow light in the evenings and was doing wonderful. This spring I took it outside to the patio and within a few days I noticed black spots on the plant that I can rub off. I’ve tried all kinds of different fungicide and nothing seems to help. The black spot seems to be on these types of plants only. I can’t find anything on the Internet about this any ideas on how to stop this or what is causing it? I brought those plants that are affected by it inside for now. Thank you for such great videos.

  11. I am really intrigued with succulents now. I received a beautiful arrangement for Mother's Day and I want to learn about them.

  12. You give me so much much gardening inspo! And thanks to u i realized i was accidentally overwatering my succulents😱

  13. Hi, i Really love your videos, i learn so much from you, i just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do them, i really love how honest and informative they are, i just started doing succulents and it is really exciting 🙂
    many thanks

  14. Love thank you, I am continue binge watching almost all of your videos again THANK YOU I am very new succulent lover!

  15. I live in ohio so we have a history for "bipolar" weather. So it could snow one day and be 80 degrees and completely dry the next day. So I have my succulents indoors cause you never know in ohio. There really are no seasons 😂😂 so I just take as you said "the mother plant" and pot it with activated charcoal and regular potting soil. I spray my succulents either once a day or twice depending on weather. With cuttings I always spray twice and use a syringe once a week. Also just to put it out there, for air plants I soak in water once a week and spray once or twice a day also depending on weather. Once a month when I'm soaking them for 2 hours, I will add flower food for extra nutrients. They do very well with this and growing like crazy! Good luck with your plants!

  16. That was a lot of information!! But, you answered every question I had without me asking them! So thank you! I just found your channel a few days ago and have been watching like crazy! I’m beginning to collect my succulents for a project! I’ve always been afraid of them so I’m really excited! Thank you. 🤗

  17. My neighbor just gave me several succulents. I've never taken care of them before, and I'm worried they will die. I've had to put them in regular potting soil I had until I can get to the local garden store, but until then, I'm wondering if they will be ok. Also, they have really long stems, and I'm not sure how deep to plant them. Can anyone help Please.

  18. I got succulents yesterday and this video. I found your video today and i was looking for tips. I would love to win. I am totally coming. Back to this channel and looking for more great tips. Thanks!!

  19. In love!😍 recently got an already made arrangement, but some of my succulents have died… 😯 I still have a few from the arrangement and looking to add new ones to make it look pretty and full of life.

  20. Just my luck seeing this 1 year too late. $100. to spend on succulents would be SO much FUN! I have an antique vanity chair that I bought with beautiful succulents in it. When I was going to move I knew the succulents would probably not survive from CA to TX so I left the plants with my sister who helped me SO much with the move but I kept the chair. I'm very anxious to get it planted with succulents again in my new home!

  21. Wow.. I have learned sooo much. I love all your videos. I am a beginner and have been playing with succulents for several months now. I always like giveaways…!

  22. My leaves grew roots or new flower growth in literally days… so crazy!! I used the water propagation method. They were in sooo for 2 weeks with nothing happening. Funny how everything is different depending on climate and lighting

  23. I would love if you would do another giveaway 😱🙌💗🌱 I have been following you for about a month now & have 13 pots now 😂👍

  24. Exactly the information I was looking for! Thanks so much! I saw a cuttings selection on a site & had no idea what to do once they arrived and there were no instructions.

  25. thank you so much.. it was very helpful.. I had bought 1 succulent last month and It broke today falling from my windowsills.. I was sad thinking what a waste since I have already killed my string of pearls.. and I bumped into this video.. hope the propagation method works

  26. I usually water about 1 every 1-2 weeks depends on how dry the soil is. =) i have a grow lamp in my room so the plants will grow.

  27. I have 3 Harworthias over my stove & I water them once a month because the tag it came with said so lol 2 of them are babies & potted in mini terracotta pots so I'm thinking of watering those every 3 weeks instead of once a mt.

  28. Just started
    Watching your videos wish i had thw money to buy the things i see in your video's for fairy or zen gardens bur on disability and just jave to catch plants on close out discounts. I do yry to buy 1 plant a month durning the year. Get most plants from friends or cutting i take from my older plants. I'm known for using margarine or pastry containers for pots. Cups with no handles or chipped and or cracked work nice to. I also grab old containers people throw put at spring time.

  29. Hello, I have succulants on my back porch facing south and they are left out all year. I live in Tn and we have had some cold winters but the succulants seam to multiply. I only add soil and make small dish planters for friends with the extras. I love you informative videos and your sensational home and did not no you shouldn't touch the powdered or dusty succulants. Thank you!!!☺

  30. I have learned so much from you! THANKS! You have been blessed to have all your gardens and the amount of space you have!! 🤗🍀

  31. How much is the temperature of the place when you say 4 to 6 hours of morning sunlight. In Ahmedabad, India, the sunlight considered as morning light is from 6.30 am to 8.30 am. After that, temperature rises to more than 30 degree Celsius.

  32. Love watching you and this was nice since i am only starting wirh succulents and cactus. Please enter me in giveaway. I'm on a small disability budget and it would help start me off with them.

  33. Generally, I water my succulents every other week. They have gone longer w/no problem. I've read/heard that you know they need water when they start to pucker up- which you'd never want to do intentionally, but, in my experiences they do spring back.

  34. Love all your succulent videos! I always learn so much! And a gift card to keep building the collection would be appreciated!

  35. Your videos are not showing the date they were made…or atleast I'm not seeing it. So I'm not sure if these giveaways are current or not. Lol.
    🤣😎😆😂 making me bonkers. "Hey Aaron, techy hubby…add the dates to the captions so I know where I'm at in the sequence." Or please tell me how to see that if you already did.

  36. I love succulents so much!! sometimes, when I'm at work and I find myself thinking of going home to take care of them and it's getting worse…the more you have, the less you think you have…

  37. I really found your vdos great & informative, me & my wife really learnt a lot about succulents from you
    Stay Blessed

  38. FYI: most patents are to keep people from making financial profit from some else's hard work and investment. So mostly you won't get in trouble if you propagate for yourself from a plant you legally own, but you cannot sale them or give them away because it affects the patent owners profit. ☺️

  39. omg that would be a dream come true they’re my favorite plants to get and id love to expand my collection !! 💚

  40. Succlents and cactus hates me. I cannot keep them alive for more than 3 months! I can keep Aroids but not these guys.

  41. I also have been enjoying your videos on succulents, so much great information and things I’m happy to learn and wish I knew long before now!! Thank you so much sweetie for all your great tips!

  42. I have a succulent and its in a pot with holes in the bottom and i soak it in water and then i feel the soil to see if it need watering and it doesnt for about 30 ir more days and it looks like they are happy ☺

  43. I just received a shipment of succulents and they were in the box going back and forth between the UPS center and I was conserved that they may not have made the this long back and forth trip but they appear to be alright. I was glad to watch your video. Now I am going to unpack them and clean them up and give them a little bit of water. Thank you for the help and I love to watch your videos. And

  44. Please I want to own these beauuuutiful plants.
    New to succulents. Awesome videos and I have subscribed on your channel the very first time I started gardening on vegetables.

  45. I have been loving your videos!! I found them because of the succulents but stayed for all of your knowledge with plants!!!

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