How it Works – Soil Remediation – Soil Vapour Extraction Unit

In this technology, there is the “heating” part So, how to heat the soil that is on an average starting temperature of 10°C, which is the normal temperature of the soil, to the desired temperature that is the thermal desorption temperature? That is what the “heating” part does. So it allows to warm up the soil up to the temperature necessary for the contaminant to vaporize and shift from its liquid phase to the vapour phase So that’s the heating part. And then, once these vapors are produced, the question is: what do we do with these vapors? So this is where the “SVE” part comes in. “Soil Vapour Extraction” So extraction of vapours from the soil and it consists of another system in parallel to the heating system which makes it possible to recover all the vapors and treat them.

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