100 thoughts on “How Much Fertilizer Do Tomatoes Need?

  1. Thanks Guys! Great info. Ordered 7 different varieties of tomato seed from y'all this year and got almost 100 percent germination on all. Looking forward to a good harvest.

  2. Hey guys great show. We are still working on getting the land cleared where our garden is going to go. You were talking about pH of the soil and I was wondering if you think the “probe” style pH testers you can get and farm and garden stores are accurate or worth using?

  3. Is it possible to change the type of soil that you have if you have a sandy soil can you have it more of a loam soil or if you have a clay soil can you make it more Sandy but adding sand and if the sand will disappear in time thanks love you guys love the show and I love the tips that you have on your videos

  4. I use fish emulsion and so far I have very healthy plants full of blooms and small tomatoes. I do add generic tums to my grow bags because calcium does leech out from watering.

  5. A lot of good information. I got to dig the math and had to replay a few sections. When will you start your sweet potato slips?

  6. I do believe that was the least amount of food Greg has eaten on any episode. Quick tip – add a little coconut oil when sauteing kale. After dinner it makes it super easy to slide the kale off the plate into the trashcan.

  7. Have you ever thought of writing a book that'd be great I do have another question about nitrate wasn't that in bacon is that the same nitrate that was in bacon and the government took it out is this the same nitrate that 20 20 20 fertilizer has is that the same or not thanks again

  8. Travis, did your mule step on your fire hose nozzle, or did you drive your mule onto your nozzle? Just curios. Ha.

  9. I used lime, epson salt, calcium nitrate, and bone meal when I plant my tomatoes. It worked really well last year. I added a little epson and calcium nitrate during the growing cycle. Really enjoyed your show tonight!

  10. Just started watching your shows. Maybe l can figure this gardening thing out with y'alls help. Lot of failures but decided to give it a go again. Running late as usual. Thanks for all y'all do

  11. Finally moved out to some land that we can garden on. We got some plowing done with my David Bradley but need to get finished plowing

  12. I use a large garden hose reel to pick up, store and layout my drip tape. It is pretty easy to do.
    When I pick up the tape, I make sure I have the end open and it drains all the water out of the tape. I had bought some 15 mil. tape thinking it would last longer than the 8 mil, but it was more of a pain and was not worth the hassle. I have some tape 4 years old.

  13. I have a question, I have never tasted kale before, is the taste and texture more like mustard or collards. Considering planting some this Fall.

  14. Thanks for the informative video. Another name for the lacinato kale is Tuscan Kale. When people admire mine I tell them it is Tuscan Kale. They think it is is a rare kale because they have never heard it called that. LOL Then I tell them it is actually lacinato kale and if they give me that deer in the headlights look I say it's dinosaur kale. Then I let them have a taste. They go crazy over it! I usually share some seeds with them if they want to grow it. I figure that next year they can buy their own seeds if they want to have more. Being an heirloom I will save my own seeds if it bolts.

  15. Good show fellas. I thought I was a good tomato gardener and come to find out it’s due to my garden soil having a ph of 6.5. I live in ND.

  16. I was just thinking the first of the week, How much fertilizer should I give my tomatoes? Thanks again another great educational video. The giveaway is going to be fun for everyone. Good Luck to all! I have a running seed list that I keep adding to upon watching your videos. Can't wait to order. Because you all take such great care of your seed I am also adding your seed to my Zombie apocalypse collection. Giggling, I am guilty of being a seed saver 🙂 You all make it easy when the seed is properly taken care of at warehouse, shipped in proper packaging. Thanks!

  17. Very informative tonight. I've had a lot of problems with blossom end rot in the past and think this info will help. What would be some good organic solutions for phosphorus and potassium?

  18. The Cajun Gardener just caught the show this morning. By far, the best info I've heard on tomatoes and feeding them. Great info on egg shells …. Never put the dead fish, but I've done the egg shell, fireplace ash, compost, powdered milk, baking soda, Epsom salt mix in each hole… Then side dress at first blooms… Then I usually end up using miracle grow.
    Now I'm just going to use your 20-20-20 and your new micro stuff.
    Thanks for a great show!

  19. I understand the necessity of a soil sample for determining nutrient requirements in your garden for macro and micro nutrients , my question is this ; is there a good source for micro nutrients in a balanced " general " ratio for growing vegetables in raised beds ???

  20. At 11:00 what is the first thing? ';D
    Have you ever tried soaking your crushed egg shells in vinegar to dissolve the calcium and neutralize the vinegar acid?

  21. What zone are you guys in? I moved to central Florida (zone 9a) a couple of years ago and I'm having a terrible time adjusting to the gardening times here. I lived all my life in the mountains of Virginia zone (5-6) last frost date about the first week of May to a place that had one light frost last year. 🙃 LOL I need help learning to garden in the heat of the deep South. ( I can't believe I used to think Virginia was gardening in the south! 😆)

  22. Love all the content and great products you guys put out. My question for the one year anniversary show, how did you guys get into the garden business and what keeps you working at it year after year?

  23. Here’s my entry!!!! First time I’ve seen this show but I’ve been watching the Dream Garden videos religiously.

  24. With using the 20-20-20. How would u apply all potassium pre plant amd the rest at planting. Would u have to use a 0-46-0 then a 33-0-0 amd 0-0-60 at planting?

  25. I used Gypsum last year and had no problems with blossom end rot even with ALL of the rain we had here in Georgia. Definitely going to order some of the micro fertilizer ASAP! Thanks again for the detailed information.

  26. Great show on a timely subject guys! Thanks for the good info, as always! It's the time of year we all dread the most, pest time! How about an episode on pests and treatments in the near future. I see a lot of questions and interest from friends on pest (insects as well as diseases/fungal pressure).

  27. Love your shows but have one request. Please do a show on how you use your liquid fertilizers using your drip irrigation. Thanks in advance for considering it.

  28. Just discovered you searching how best to water the hoss seed starting trays. Congrats to one year anniversary

  29. Congratulations on the first year. My family loves watching y'all. We love the 2 minute tips, Gardening with Greg and especially love The row by row show. Question on calcium, is there a specific product other than the "balanced" fertilizers we should be using to give calcium to our tomatoes?

  30. I new to growing onions some are putting out blooms should I just pullum are wait till they fall over like yall said ?

  31. Hi guys, I found your channel and been loving it ! You have taught me a lot. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!! ¡

  32. Sounds pretty complicated, but that's a lot of great information that I will definitely be using. I don't think we've been feeding our tomatoes anywhere near enough. I love tomatoes, so I'll be sure to feed them lots so that they give me lots in return. Great video, very informative.

  33. Really great info . I been growing organic for about 12 years now but I don't see nothing wrong with conventional fertilizers .

  34. Thanks for the good advice and chemistry lesson on fertilizer. I'm gonna try the Florida Weave on our Bella Rosas this year and see how it turns out. Thanks for all the good info.

  35. Greg mentioned using his sprayer to "band" fertilizer for his tomatoes. Could explain in more detail? Great show.

  36. Great information! Thank you for producing great products and for all the work you put into these shows. I look forward to it every week.

  37. Looking forward to adding your new micro boost product in my injector. Good information on nitrogen and how often to apply the 20-20-20.

  38. Love your video. I am running into problems with my yellow squash and zucchini plants. This is the second year in the row that the plant has grown to not even half of its normal size and is already putting out flowers and creating tiny squash. (which is really early in the year for south GA). Any suggestions?? Should I rip them out and start again?
    Thank you

  39. I know next to nothing about drip tape could u use like a wire winder..u know what I'm talking about?

  40. question I'm an evening warrior gardener mainly containers until raised beds..I like to toss granular fert and forget as a side dress….how's my granular P doing anything if i top dress about 2/3 of my P. if it's in mobile so to speak "u know what I mean.

  41. When you put your onions on your rock how long do you have to cure them like the potato and how long do you cure potatoes and sweet potatoes thanks

  42. Just to be sure I'm thinking right. When you say that a tomato crop needs .3 lbs of nitrogen per 1000 sqft.per week. And I'm using 20/20/20. I'll multiply by 5, and that means 1.5 lbs of fertilizer, Correct?

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