How much fertilizer should you buy?

Narrator: To know how much fertilizer to buy, start by measuring your turf areas. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to find the plot map that you got when you bought your home. Let’s take this house for example, the plot map is drawn to scale so you would just take the total square footage, then subtract the square footage of the house, driveway and other impervious areas from that number. What are left are turf or plant beds. Measure your plant beds and subtract that number from your previous total. Here’s a tip: Make a note of the square footage you need fertilizer for and keep it somewhere convenient, like in the garage, so you can find it the next time you need to buy fertilizer. The second way is to measure your turf areas either with a tape measure or by “stepping it off.” If you are going to step it off, measure the length of your normal stride and then count how many strides you took. For example, if your stride is three feet and you walk 10 strides, that’s 30 feet. Do that across the width and down the length of each area of turf you are measuring. Multiply the width and the length of each are you stepped off. Then add these results together to get your total turf area. Take that number to the store, check the bag label to see how much area the contents cover and buy just the amount you need. It’s important not to guess on the amount. For more information on Florida-Friendly Fertilizing, contact your county UF/IFAS Extension office. You can also learn more online at Brought to you by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

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