How often should I fertilize my PRO-MIX?

When using PRO-MIX we recommend fertilizing on a constant feed basis, which means every
time you water, you’re putting on fertilizer
through your water system. What that does,
it avoids what we call the feast or
famine situation. Sometimes growers
will feed less frequently which is maybe ok, the problem is the
plant will strip out the nutrients it needs.
Sometimes it could run deficient
on certain nutrients before the next
fertilizer application is applied. You can do
maybe once a week feed, as long as
you adjust your fertilizer rate, but
again we do recommend constant feed.

2 thoughts on “How often should I fertilize my PRO-MIX?

  1. 1 ML per litre is bogus it took 25 x that amount to bring the needle on my tester to the mid range zone. 10 plants took 1/4 litre pure nutrient in 3 gallons of water. I guess 1 ml per litre is fine if you're growing 1 daisy in seeding stage.

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