How Royal Ballet dancers prepare their pointe shoes

My name is Yasmine Naghdi. My name is Yuhui Choe My name is Claire Calvert. Getting your first pair of pointe shoes is an exciting experience. I think my first pair of shoes were a size two and a half! Each pair has a character, I call it character because it’s very individual. and how I make my pointe shoes for myself is my job. Everyone has their own routine to prepare their shoes. I have a layer of felty, fabric material in the shoe I just pull that out because it creates a bit of a lump in your foot, which can be really uncomfortable. Then I darn the ends of my pointe shoes it helps them not to slip and I think it looks really beautiful and extends the line of the foot. I carry around a Stanley knife, scissors, general sewing stuff, in case I rip a ribbon or some elastic comes off. I personally like to know what I’m going to get when I step on stage. So, I would tend to wear the pair of shoes during the ballet class before so my foot has a chance to feel what it’s going to feel like on stage. It’s actually really interesting to look at the shoe that comes out of production that goes to the shoe room and is then put in our pigeon hole and what they actually look like once we’ve hacked them to pieces and made them into the shoe that we want them to be. The shoe goes through quite a big process We have so many demands put on the dancers that if we didn’t have the support of our shoes we couldn’t deliver to the high standards that we do. This Season I started to count how many pairs I’ve worn already It’s about twenty pairs! It’s only been two months. It’s very important to have a shoe that really fits you well and works for you. For us, pointe shoes are one of the most important things. Without pointe shoes ballet doesn’t exist.

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  1. No offense but spending all that money on pointe shoes is just a waste….I believe that you just don't take care of your stuff….Changing like 3 or more pairs of shoes per week is just insane and I can't understand HOW it gets damaged so quickly if you think that theese shoes are made for this jod!!


  2. So the showmakers make the pointe shoes in general model and sizes, and then the dancers dan danseurs cut, sew, and crack them into their own preferences. Got it. Those are the shoes for training and what like, but how about the pointe and flat shoes that they use on shows, what with all the glitters and embellishments necessary for costuming?

  3. I can't dance anymore, due to hyperactive joints. My doctor won't clear me until I get surgery to fix my knees and ankles, and they won't let me dance after surgery so I'm just stuck

  4. I started pointe when I was 5 (I'm now 13 and sadly had to quit ballet all together because of an accident) and I still have the first pair I got which were gifted to me by my ballet teacher after she told my mom "I know she's technically not even supposed to be in my class but I'm gonna move her up to pointe because I think she has a lot of potential" I was 5 in a class full of 20 something year olds doing ballet it's funny now that I think back on it 😂

  5. I know , I'm late but does anybody knows where the outfit is from? Where can I buy this beautiful things?? (0:04)

  6. Her first pointe shoe size was a 2 ,1/2 mine was a 6,1/2. I suddenly feel like an unproportionate lamppost.

  7. I'm a beginner en pointe, I've been doing ballet for more than 7 years now. it's really fun !! but keep in mind you need to be well trained until you get them ((: (wait for your teacher's approval !!!!!)

  8. In an Irish dancer and we have shoes similar to pointe shoes but they last wayyyy longer so to any ballerinas out there, why do they wear out so quickly?

  9. Ok so im thinking of doing ballet, ive been dancing ( Jazz, Tap, and 2 years lyrical ) for 6 years, how long will it take roughly for me to get on point? I know everyone is different but roughly ( ive been dancing since I was 3 – 4 )

  10. My first pair: nobody noticed I had missing heel. Also hey hurt so much just during 1 bar routine. So I has to get rid of them before they could damage me :3 it’s been 3 weeks and my new shoes still haven’t come in (they had to order new ones for me) so yea. (The brand was Capezio btw )

  11. I think its a nice video about ballet and pointe shoes, but there are literally children dying somewhere and maybe donate money to them instead of shoes.

  12. My sister is in the new you’re city ballet company and she goes through about 1o pairs of point shoes a week!! Ik…. crazy

  13. im in grade 6 on ballet and this year I'll do exams for intermediate and im so anxious about that, anyone help me?

  14. It is really weird to think that I am 11 years old and for my first pair of pointe shoes, I was (And still am) Grishko 2007 size 7 XXX

  15. Yuhui? Who dat?
    Sorry if i am the only ballet dancer who doesn't know her………😑😑😑😑
    Me: MOM?!!!!!
    Mom: yeeeeeeeeeeesssss??????!!?!?!
    Mom: uuuuuhhhhhhhhh…….
    Sorry hon. I threw it away…..
    Cuz! Look you're a good dancer?!!
    Me: inhails MMMoOoOoOMmMmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I have a pointe shoes list
    1. Sparkly red points shoes
    2. Orange pointe shoes
    3. Yellow pointe shoes
    4. Green pointe shoes
    5. Blue pointe shoes
    6. Pink pointe shoes
    7. Purple pointe shoes
    8. Silver points shoes
    9. Gold pointe shoes
    10. Black pointe shoes
    11. White pointe shoes

    This is such a wish list lol

  17. From the training, to professional. Yes, they go through a lot of them and knowing someone that has experienced doing ballet at that level. I respect them and appreciate what they do.

  18. how silly to DESTROY the shoes like that. I totally understand why the dancers do this, but then again maybe the industry should make a shoe that the girls can actually use from the beginning without needing to destroy them. They should ask the DANCERS how to make better shoe and what they need.

  19. Does the company provide them with shoes or are the dancers responsible for the cost of the 2.5 shoes a week they go through 😂 ???

  20. I ᒍᑌᔕT GOT ᗰY ᖴIᖇᔕT ᑭᗩIᖇ Oᖴ ᑭOIᑎTE ᔕᕼOEᔕ ᗩ ᖴEᗯ ᗯEEKᔕ ᗩGO!!

  21. I really started watching this video saw the Royal Opera House logo and thought “oh it’s Queen” I really am that stupid huh

  22. so, ya'll "reuse" use repeatedly instead of every pairs life usr if 12 hours or less use? wow. your ballet company needs to treat ya'll better and give you a couple of pair per day minimum.

  23. I got my first pair of pointe shoes today and I am twelve years old. Can I get at least twelve likes.😊

  24. Without pointe shoes ballet doesnt exist then how about before the creation of pointe shoes when ballet was in its early decades everybody danced in flats she should have said without pointe shoes modern ballet doesnt exist which is still not true(girls who havent gotten their pointe shoes yet.)

  25. Ive done ballet intil level 2, i didnt understand the patience but after 3 years, im planning om continuing!!! <3 😚😚😄

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