How The Garden of Words and Your Name are connected.

Warning: the following video contains
spoilers for the movies The Garden of words and Your Name. So a while back I was rewatching the Japanese animated film Your Name when I noticed that the voice
actor for the teacher in Mitsuha’s class sounded familiar. Then I remembered that it was the same voice actor from The Garden of Words, another animated film directed by Makoto Shinkai. Sure enough, voice actress Kana Hanazawa had been cast in both movies. What really caught my attention though was when looking through the filmography on Wikipedia, she had voiced the character Yukari Yukino for both films. This led me to wonder could the films The Garden of Words and Your Name be connected, or take place in the same universe? What makes this convincing is that Yukari Yukino is a Japanese literature teacher in both movies. The characters look very similar as well. The timeline makes sense too. The time period for The Garden of Words is revealed through the letter of Takao receives at the epilogue of the movie. The letter was written in 2014. The movie starts around the rainy season of Japan, which is around June or July, and the year can be
deduced as 2013. The finale takes place around September, for that is when Japanese high schools typically resume after summer vacation. Yukino states that she
is going back to her hometown in Shikoku and is shown teaching in the epilogue. Now, the most important date in Your Name’s timeline is when the comet fragment strikes Itomori. This is shown to be October 4th 2013 when Taki is looking
through a book about Itomori. With all of this in mind, it’s possible that Yukino could’ve been in Itomori teaching before the comet fragment struck. The Garden of Words is a small prequel to
Your Name for the events that take place in 2013. Since Yukino is alive in the epilogue that occurs in 2014, this is after the timeline has been altered by the actions of Taki and Mitshua. A minor issue that does come up is the locations. It’s stated that Yukino’s hometown is in Shikoku, one of the four islands that make up Japan. Meanwhile, Itomori was inspired by the city of Hida in the Gifu Prefecture Looking at a map of Japan, it is evident that Shikoku and Hida are quite far apart. One possibility is that since Itomori is a fictional town, it could be in Shikoku,
although this is unlikely as the restaurant owner in Hida recognizes Taki’s drawing and takes them to where the comet fragment struck, which would
not be possible unless Itomori was relatively close to Hida. Another possibility is that Yukino taught in Itomori as a full-time or substitute teacher I personally think that it could be the latter, and that before or after
returning to her hometown in Shikoku Yukino decided to resume her teaching
career in a high school in Itomori. Unfortunately for her, the comet
splits off and destroys Itomori, which is the driving event for Your Name. Of course, there is a chance that this is all coincidence, but I’d like to believe that it’s an Easter
Egg by the director to his earlier work.

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  1. It is an Easter egg and there's no doubt about that. Another video stated that the restaurant in Your Name is called The Garden of Words but in Italian. The question is whether the movies are in the same universe. I want it to be but it feels odd and off. The new semester starts in September after the summer break and that's when she leaves. After she went back to her home town, she can: 1. Go work at another school she previously arranged at her home town (she was on a tight schedule to leave), 2. Same as 1 but as a supply instead of full time, or 3. Take a break.

    I personally don't think she'll take on 3 because she wants to walk again and break = running away again.

    In order for her to be in the same universe, regardless of which option she picked, it is still odd to go to a random rural town in Hida region after half a month or so of a new semester has started. she needed to basically pick 3 but that makes her leaving on the tight schedule odd. That last hug was also their farewell hug. The only reason I can think of is that she wants to go back to work but not at a big city and thus, the small rural town. But why she went to Itomori is beyond my imagination. Remember that Itomori is located somewhere near Hida region which is 4ish hours away from Tokyo and even further from Shikoku.

    And we don't know where she ended up after Itomori was destroyed. I can, however, safely suggest that she did not go back to Tokyo or anywhere nearby. She wrote at least one letter to Takao in early 2014. And if she was nearby, why write a letter?

    But on the other hand, the long letter can work towards being in the same universe. She wrote a really long letter about the events of that night, or just she every day life coping with the new students.

    I really can't decide. It just feels odd and off to say she is in the same universe and randomly went to Itomori to teach. I feel more comfortable having her as a simple Easter egg. Gahhh

  2. Also the hero of "Your Name" has bandages suggesting the fight (or thrashing) that hero of "The Garden of Words" got into to protect the name of the teacher.

  3. Man both movies are legends I love those tow movie but 90.99999999999999999.9.9.99999.9 prudent chances are that I love the garden of words but I love both movie I watch when I was age of 15 man it was a legend

  4. New explanation with the new easter egg added in the TV version screening of Your Name(Taoko was added walking by adult Mitsuha)! This means Yukari moves out of Tokyo to be with Taoko after the miracle save

  5. A connection I missed was that the restaurant Taki works at is called "Garden of Words" in Italian, but it's something the environmental artist did and not the director.

    Link to the image:

  6. Own both and I thought the same thing. Kinda make me chuckle. I'm sure if there is another film it'll likely tie in takaki into this big mess.

  7. Both anime films actually connected to there timeline. After the end of the garden of words next is your name this is more focusing 2 highschool students

  8. that's cool . coincidentally , i thought so too . hahah . but anyway it's probably unlikely though .

  9. You could make this video 2 minutes shorter by just showing the part of the movie that shows the comet hit the Hida region

  10. I noticed it when I googled myanimelist. If you search "your name", you will see yukino yukari is in the character list.

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