How to Amend the Soil in Your Organic Garden

Alright! This is John Kohler with!
Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m here working in my front yard garden
today, just kind of cleaning things up. I’ve got a great winter garden going on—be sure
to stay tuned, subscribe to my channel if you’re not already, for an update on what
I’m growing here in the wintertime because I love to garden year round and I’m grateful
that I’m able to do that, because I know many of you guys, still might be snow outside
for you guys. Anyways, today’s episode, what we got for
you guys today is a very special guess here in the GrowingYourGreens garden! Friend of
mind who’s here actually giving me some old product to enrich my beds with. So anyways,
let’s go over to where he’s at because he’s actually doing some mixing and some
formulating over here to ensure I could have some of the best greens growing here in my
city. So my special guest today with me is none
other than Josh Cunnings of the Boogie Brew Company! He’s a formulator of the Boogie
Brew compost tea, and this stuff is the best compost tea that I’ve used.
Josh, Josh! Wait, wait, wait! You’re wasting the compost tea, man! What are you doing?
[Josh] No, no, John, actually this is really good stuff. It’s actually expired tea that
we had to pull from a store that we could sell any more.
[John] Uh, yeah, because I mean, you’re only supposed to use a cup of this stuff in
a burlap bag, and brew like five gallons of compost tea, just dump it in there. Josh,
so, I know there’s an expiration date on the tea, and I know many of you guys already
have the tea, and if they have the tea past the expiration date, do they gotta dump it
out like you are? [Josh] No, not at all! Actually, some of the
older tea is some of the best tea out there, but this is a bunch of tea that I had to recycle
that was recalled from a store, one of our bigger accounts, and what better way to take
this old tea that still smells great, John—that’s the thing—trust the power of your nose more
than what an expiration date can— [John] Oh, yeah, man. That smells good.
[Josh] Yeah, so I mean, there’s been more of a white film that’s developed on it,
and typically that stuff is called actinomycetes. There’s actually hundreds if not thousands,
I think, of different strains of actinomycetes, but I trust the power of my nose and that
smells like a really good ferment. And actually this would brew, for sure, a world-class tea.
But we had to pull this product, it is technically past its expiration date. So now I’m recycling
it for you into JK’s garden, and there’s multiple ways you can use old tea. One of
the best ways to use it would indeed be to brew it, but I’ve got a lot of it here,
and so why not get it directly into your soil as a fertilizing amendment.
[John] Cool! So, also, regarding the expiration date, how can somebody tell if their tea that’s
past the expiration date, it smells good and you can still brew it verses like it’s definitely
gone bad and you shouldn’t brew it? [Josh] Sour. Does it smell sour or does it
smell like a strong—? [John] Like sour…what other things have
you smell sour? [Josh] Ammonia or…
[John] Ammonia like nasty— [Josh] Like cast piss.
[John] If your compost tea smell like cat piss, don’t use it! Then recycle it into
the soil! What we’re gonna do with this excess and
old compost tea, that still could be brewed but can’t be sold, so Josh is just basically
gonna give it to me, because after every season because I like to refresh and top off my bed.
The soil levels always sink down, I’m in a no-till gardening style, so I never till
anything but I do add to the top to basically add more nutrients to my garden. I have other
videos where I actually make different concoctions using different compost and things, but this
is basically almost everything I put in my top dressing in one place, but also, because
it is pretty strong and I could put it on whole, it’d be kind of wasting it. So we’re
gonna go ahead and mix that with some other ingredients today to make a nice rich top
dressing for my soil. So, Josh, what ingredients are we gonna be using today?
[Josh] Well today, we’re winging it. We’re using the old tea, which is still rich, badass
biology, smells great, and we’re gonna combine it with some worm castings, some minerals,
so biochar, and some compost. And we’re gonna make a super base on the fly right here
at JK’s uber patch. [John] Alright, Josh, well hey, I gotta be
trimming some other plants, but you wanna take it over and let my viewers know how they
could make their own base whether they have some expired Boogie Brew tea or whether they
just got some of this stuff here, which is some of the main things that I like to use
in my very garden. [Josh} Sure, you bet. So, for most of you
out there, you know, every year you’re gonna have some left over fertilizing dust, hopefully
you’re vegan and organic, by the way, and it’s a good idea to start stocking up at
this time of the year on some compost and make sure you have your worm castings stockpiled,
and art thinking about rebuilding those beds, or at least top dressing them like we’re
gonna do today with John with some old tea, with some compost, some Worm Gold Plus, and
my favorite new mineral of choice, the basalt deposit, the cascade minerals.
So we’re making a base on the fly, and you can do this too. We found a good local compost
company that makes a great product. It’s called Divine Compost and, you know, for a
bagged compost product it’s actually pretty awesome. Then of course we’re using our
trusted favorite vermie compost, which is the Worm Gold Plus, high in kitinase, worm
castings, and we’re using my new favorite in rock dust, the basalt deposit. Volcanic
rock ash, the cascade minerals. So what I’m gonna do it show you how we’re turning it
into a super base by taking old Boogie Brew tea which is still really good, rich in biology,
and we’re just gonna make a top then on the fly. There’s one more product we’re
gonna add—I got it over here, let me pull it out. And it’s locally sold, very sensibly
priced, thank goodness. Sonoma biochar. Sonoma Compost own biochar, which we love it. It’s
clean, black, and rich. We’re gonna make some earthy goodness, recycling some old compost
tea, some worm gold plus castings, some minerals, some locally attained bagged compost product…let
me get it to the camera there for you…this one’s called Divine compost. And of course,
like I said, the biochar. You don’t need much biochar. Ten percent
is gonna be plenty. I’m winging it today. I’m just gonna eyeball it, scooping some
in there, a few cups, into this twenty-five gallon tote bin. Now why do I like biochar?
Because it’s the great carbon sponge for your soil that gives the carbon digesting
organisms, which you can find, of course, in things like Worm Gold, and a good compost.
And it could be your own compost that you’re making out of your backyard composter. So
we’re gonna take the composts….just gonna scoop some of that in…right here. Quite
a bit actually. Alright, this is your base. Oh, that smells good. I like this company.
It smells really sweet, earthy, not to rich. The Worm Gold. So going back to talking about
the biochar, it’s a great sponge to put into compost and into Worm Castings in your
soil and give the carbon digesters which are in the compost and the worm castings a carbon
fuel to start eating in the soil. And actually, studies have been shown, quite
a few, about biochar…right here, this black stuff—and John founds at the EcoFarm conference
recently a really awesome biochar oven for backyard use. I’m very excited about that.
So you can literally produce this stuff from cardboard, from wood, woodchips, and other
courses like coconut husks even. So I’m just gonna add a little bit of biochar, the
great carbon sponge, to give the carbon digesters, the living organisms in the compost and in
the worm castings, that carbon base. Add some of the Worm Gold. So now, I’m just
kind of eyeballing it. So now the rough percentages of building the world-class base on the fly,
is gonna be about one third worm castings, one third compost—I’ll show you this stuff
cause it’s kind of disappearing into the… It’s got the woodchips in it, it’s got
a lot of dark, rich earthy matter. It’s got a nice, sweet smell. I like this compost.
It’s well sourced. Divine compost, they’re a good company.
Now we’re gonna add some minerals. When we make our Boogie base, we add different
minerals but today we’re just gonna add one.
Alright, so I’ve got the cascade open, I’ve got my little scooper here from JK’s uber
patch. Gonna scoop in some minerals. Microbes love minerals. Look how dark these ones are.
See that stuff? Little dusty, but nowhere near as dusty as some of the other micronized
products. What I love about the cascade is the consistency of it. It’s got the granulated
surface area that the microbes love so much, to build good colonizing pockets which they
can populate and reproduce themselves in. but it’s also got real fine, ash consistency
dust. So that gonna give you a high cation exchange capacity, CEC, which is the ability
for the minerals to directly convert into minerals that plants can absorb in the soil.
That’s basically what I understand what CEC means. Cation exchange capacity. So I’m
scooping in a few scoops. Honestly we’re really winging it today,
so don’t quote these percentages based on what you’re seeing here. But the way we
make the Boogie base, and the way you can make a good base on the fly at your home,
is about one third worm castings, one this composted matter—ideally from woodchip compost
and low green waste, no animal manures—and then about twenty percent…like I said, twenty
percent on the biochar, this stuff right here. So definitely less, don’t go too crazy on
the biochar. And about ten percent or some on a mineral manner. You can even add things
like the sea minerals if you want as well. But honestly, today we’re gonna keep it
really simple. We just found some bags of rock dust, some bags of worm castings, and
a local compost, adding a bit of biochar and creating a rich carbon base.
So I’m just gonna mix it up right here. I’m kind of out of the camera here with
mixing it, but here’s my bin. I’ve got about twenty gallons of this stuff going already.
Now this is gonna end up being scooped into the top one inch of his soil. John doesn’t
like to get in there and really disrupt the rhizosphere deep down. And we’re gonna make
this rich base on the fly here. Took some old compost tea, which his still really good
stuff, so we’re giving this base some nutrients and this is gonna get scooped in and added
to the soil and the rate of one cup, two cups more or less, for every square foot of gardening
space. And that’s it. That’s how we make a base on the fly, and you can too. Remember
my recipe. One third worm castings, one third compost, twenty percent—give or take—biochar,
ten percent—give or take—some minerals. That’s it!
[John] Alright, Josh, so thanks for getting your hands dirty and mixing up that mixture
up. I’m gonna spread that out in my garden. [Josh] Oh, I love to get my hands dirty with
this stuff. I could make love to good soil! I just love it.
[John] Well it’s definitely some good stuff. I mean, I always recommend and encourage you
guys to add things to your soil, including the compost, that’s gonna ad not only the
nutrients your plants need, but more importantly the biologics, like in the earthworm castings
today. And also the trace minerals. These things are huge and it’s quite sad to me
that most garden teachers don’t even talk about these things and how important it is,
and instead of buying a 10-10-10 bagged fertilizer—that actually I’ll have a video on one of these
days. So another reason for me getting Josh’s
old Boogie Brew—or what I like to call Josh-me-downs because I do have a few old things that he
needs to just get rid of and I can put in my garden—is because Boogie Brew is now
introducing, instead of their original Boogie Brew compost tea that I like so much, they
got a brand new Boogie Brew Pro! So I haven’t brewed this stuff yet, but Josh tell me why
you guys came out with the Boogie Brew Pro product?
[Josh] Well, we had to come out with it, John. The tea is already so rich and so active,
the Boogie Brew original. The shelf life on it was a meager six months, alright. So basically
that’s because the base it already so rich and active and then the foods that we feed
that base are so strong. The microbes that are in that base, they start feasting on the
foods that are in the booster ingredients that are in the one part tea. And so, for
your typical person who orders it off our website cause we’re always trying to play
catch up with those orders and make more tea, and they start brewing it within a week or
two of buying it, it’s fine. They’re gonna have a great product. But in a situation where
we’re trying to get it into the hands of distributors and it’s sitting on store shelves,
it was too much of a good thing. The tea was too active and too good for its own shelf
life. [John] Alright, right, so what’s the difference
with the Boogie Brew Pro compared to the original Boogie Brew?
[Josh] So, you know, we just decided to make lemonade out of lemons basically, John, and
we took the best of the Boogie Brew and made it better. So our base that we’re just been
talking about, making a winging-it version of, has gotten actually richer and I’d be
happy to tell you why. The ingredients that boost it, what we call the Boogie Boost, the
veganic additives, the foods, they are now stronger and there’s no danger anymore or
the product no longer having any shelf life, no longer having any stability. It’s actually
quite a stable product now. [John] So what we got now is a two part tea
with the Boogie Base and the Boogie Boost, and actually Josh is made a form of the base
with you. So Josh, you want to go over the Boogie base and the Boogie boost and the ingredients
in them and why? [Josh] Yeah, sure. So like I said, we had
to make lemonade out of lemons. We had a product that was too active and a one part formula
together with the ingredients all premixed into just one pillow, as George would say,
of ingredients. So in order to make the pillow more stable, we had to divide that—cut that
pillow right in two and go part a and part b, so we have the Boogie base and we just
showed you how we’re making a base on the fly. You can make your own base, in the spirit
of open source compost tea, and then we have the Boogie boost, which is an admittedly expensive
and very rich blend of the organic elixir grade additives that feed the microbes that
are in the Boogie base. [John] Awesome, so yeah, I mean, if you guys
want to make your own version of the Boogie base and the Boogie boost, you know, I filmed
an open source compost tea video with Josh, and we kind of put everything and all percentages
in there, so be sure to get that link down below for the open source episode. So Josh,
not only is your Boogie Brew Pro compost tea being sold as a kit, but people can also just
buy their own boost or their own base and formulate the other half of it, right?
[Josh] Absolutely. You know, what’s really cool about these products is they’re both
becoming popular on their own merit. The Boogie Base, we already have stores that have contacted
us that are like “We’re really excited about your new two part tea, can we just buy
one half of it, the base part, because we want to start making our own open source Boogie
bloom with extra guanos in it for flour and for veg—” This is exciting, you know.
We’re still on the cutting edge here very early days in the biopharming movement, the
tea making—the whole tea making thing. You know, I’m sure by going open source and
just spreading the wisdom of biopharming and doing it right and doing it the right way
as cheaply as possible using veganic ingredients, you can certainly do what we just did. Make
your own base or make your own boost, and we make them both available in bulk in sensible
prices, sensible quantities. Especially the base. We’re working on having it in coffee
sacks so it can breathe. So what we’ve done with our base, it’s
definitely a little more hi-tech that the base we just put together on the fly. It’s
very, very dark, rich, earthy…quite sexy actually. Like I said, I could make love to
good soil biology. Our base it made out of the—those are the ratios though. You’re
getting one third the worm castings, one third the Boogie hummus, the woodchip compost which
has been aged and fungally decomposed for over a year, ten percent—or actually about
eight percent on the volcanic rock ash—oh, I just missed the twenty percent on the biochar.
And about five percent seasoned with Sea90, and actually that base is been tea infused.
Not the old dry tea ingredients that we just made on the fly here, but with fresh Boogie
Brew Pro two-part tea, brewed triple strength—boosted actually with some hydrolozate, like the soy
protein, and then sprayed back on to the base. So the base is very active. It’s got that
twenty percent core biochar, carbon source for the live carbon digesters in the high
octane tea when is then spayed back on the base.
We’ve made this stuff so rich that when we recombine it with the boost—which is
also stronger, it has higher percentiles of the key ingredients that feed the microbes—when
we recombine those, they still go into our sample tea bags, the one part tea, we still
send those out with part of your package deals, John—my god, that stuff is freaking active,
dude! It just, woo, it cooks within a week. When we make a fifty pound box of it, alright
we got to get this samples one part a and b together, recombined. Certainly the new
BB Pro, when you combine those ingredients is stronger than ever.
[John] Awesome, awesome. Yeah, I mean, compost tea is one of my corner stones that I like
to use in my garden. I want to recommend everyone out there—get off the chemicals, you know,
get off spraying toxic fertilizers and get on the Boogie Brew compost, because this is
like the exact opposite. So Josh, you wanna just share real quick one thing about why
people should get off the chems and get onto more biologic organic gardening approach like
I do? [Josh] Well, because with any other system,
you’re killing your soil. This way you’re bringing it to life. And after eighty years
of chemical farming, John, it’s time to change out farming ways. And, no, I they don’t
have to use our compost tea, that’s why we’re gone open source with it. We just
want you to brew, baby, brew, and get this tea onto your soil, whether it’s your own
brew, your own hybrid version, you know I’m stoked to offer your viewers such killer deals
on a one-stop shop, blah blah blah. You know, the Boogie Brew tea—honestly I’m
already Boogie burnt. It’s only February, still winter time, we’re enjoying some beautiful
weather here doing some transplanting and some amending here with is always—every
good garden, you should always be thinking about “Am I mulching? Am I amending? Hm,
my beds are looking a little tired.” Merry mulching, folks! It’s still only February,
I’m already Boogie burnt, I’m very eager to make it very open source and keep people
very democratic about their tea selection and making their own if they want. That’s
fine with me. I just want people to understand that there is a better way to farm, and you
all have helped me make this a better product. And this is the way to go. I’m absolutely
convinced. Even aquaponic farmers are swearing by the benefits of using a high quality compost
tea on a regular basis in their aquaponic systems. And in a typical raised bed garden
with good organic inputs, giving them a high octane fuel for pennies per gallon, it just
makes sense. You know, it’s time to change eighty years of this carbon farming madness.
It’s time to turn things around with the ultimate being let’s overthrow the big M,
the world’s most hated corporation in history. Now, you asked me for a short answer, I’m
giving you the long political one instead. [John] We need to definitely get away from
genetically modified organisms and chemicals and get back to nature. I mean, the microbes
and the minerals is how nature works, if we trace it back. That’s what the plants need.
They need the microbes which basically digest the organic matter make it available for the
plant, the plants take it up, and then they’re happy, they bloom bigger, they grow better,
they yield more, and of course they taste better.
Alright, Josh, so if somebody wants to get off the chems and they want to get on a Boogie
Brew compost or even something like it, tell us more. Specifically why the difference between
the one part and the two part now. [Josh] Well, again, we had to make lemonade
out of lemons. So we took that one part pillow, cut it’s ingredients in half, made the base
richer than ever, then made the boosting ingredients stronger than ever. And by keeping them separate,
it’s still a one stop shop—it’s still a one stop shop purchase, you get everything
in one bag, the base and the boost are then packaged individually in that bag, still all
biodegradable, breathable packaging. You now do one half cup of base and one half cup,
equal amount, of boost into your one cup amount and put it into the burlap bag and brew just
like always before. So it’s just as simple, just about as simple. You can wrap your head
around it being split into two parts, half a cup of each. And by making these ingredients
stronger than ever, you end up with a longer lasting and better brew. There is no fear,
there is no worry, John, about the product losing its shelf life. We’ve given it a
minimum of a year and we’re being very conservative of that. It’s more like two—honestly,
you got have a two year bag of Boogie Brew Pro that got lost on a store shelf, and it
would just be epic with its quality, compared to a potentially bad in as little as four
to six months with the original one part. Now some growers are asking me—they’re
already calling me and bugging me and saying “Well, hey, bro, don’t you think if I
recombine these ingredients together, mix them and let them sit for a while that it’ll
actually ferment in that good way for a while and become an even better product?” And
there is some truth in that, but I want to keep it as user friendly as possible. Just
half a cup of each and then immediately do the whole infuse it and use it before you
lose it routine. Just whip up that wicked batch of biology and get it right into the
soil where it’s guaranteed to go to work for you. The report’s already coming in
on how strong and potent this stuff is—you know, I’ve seen the comments on your own
YouTube channel on the new BB Pro, the rope like roots that are being built faster than
ever. Growers having to transplant their babies into bigger sized cups sooner. So we’re
very confident in the strength, the potency, and just the overall usability of our new
very fresh and very stable supercharged BB Pro. Boogie Brew Two-part Pro Tea.
[John] Yeah, I mean, I don’t mess around. I’ve checked out a lot of compost teas out
there and Boogie Brew—you know, Josh right here, he’s an innovator. He talks to so
many of you guys out there, gets feedback from everybody and then makes his product
better as needed. [Josh] I do. That’s true.
[John] And a lot of companies like “This is our recipe! We’ve been suing this for
the last fifty years!” Well, what if there’s something better? Would you guys be driving
a car from fifty years ago—as much as I like some of the classic cars, they don’t
got airbags, they’re not electric, they’re not like super…well they are super safe,
but they get poor gas mileage all this kind of stuff. So, you know, get the latest. And
just because you got the old stuff, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Brew it up, get it in your
garden, get those microbes out there, and next time get some new stuff or just make
your own. And that’s the cool thing about Josh. He wants you guys to start composting
your stuff, making your own worm castings, making your own biochar, making your own fungal
dominated compost, making your own base, because the ingredients are available at more nurseries
or good nurseries that have those ingredient—locally sourced so you don’t have to buy from him.
And then just buy a bunch of his boost so you don’t have to go out and pay all the
money—because some of those ingredients in there are specialty ingredients and they’re
quite expensive and it’s actually cheaper to buy in a package that’s already premixed
because he does this one such large volume than to go buy yourself. I mean, this would
be the best, right Josh? [Josh] Well, yeah, I mean the boost is a rocking
deal. We definitely do that IBM business model of trying to get people’s gardens addicted
to the tea for as cheaply as possible. And so, yeah—but let me talk to your viewers,
John, about my true beliefs and why I’m morally opposed to the concept of having to
pay more than you need to for things as basic—what should be basic commodity items that are available
in every community in America for as cheaply as possible. I mean, I’m proud of you all
for supporting us, buying our products. We do the best we cast to ship them to you, the
worm castings in a box, the rock dust minerals in a box, the Boogie hummus in a box, the
Boogie base, now the Boogie Brew Pro in a box—let me tell you all something, honestly,
at a moral level, I think it’s all wrong. And we need to switch real quick to community
compost piles, to community worm castings, John, and community rock dust that’s been
sourced from local quarries. These bulk commodity items that you’re paying even after we bust
our asses to give you the best deal possible for, you’re still paying—at least half
the cost is the shipping, and to me that is inexcusable.
And we need a—we need a country where—I mean, on every corner there’s a street lamp.
The money that it takes to fire a streetlamp, the electricity, going and maintaining it.
The money that’s poured into public infrastructure, why weren’t community compost piles built?
Why weren’t community worm casting facilities built? I mean, this stuff needs to get that
real, John, that fast. Ten calories of fossil fuel are required for every calorie of food
energy to be distributed in this country. Before your mama even has the privilege of
cooking it. I know you’re a raw foodist, I’m using it as a saying. My point is, things
have got to change mighty quick. So get creative, go on Craigslist, find good
locally obtained compost, like we were lucky to find this Divine compost. A great substitute
for something expensive like our Boogie hummus. Don’t worry, it’ll get the job done. And
even better, start your own compost piles and get together with your neighborhoods and
produce a community compost pile and I definitely want to see the same thing happen with castings.
Yes, I’m super proud of George Hahn for making this Worm Gold Plus that we love to
uses a valuable one third ingredient in our Boogie base, but you all need to start thinking
five, ten, fifteen, twenty years from now. Sure these products are new and sexy. The
Boogie Brew and everything, but these are basic commodities that should be produced
in every neighborhood, every street corner, in ever agricultural country region of the
United States, and the whole world for that matter. I honestly believe that.
[John] I mean, I totally agree with Josh. Unfortunately, I’m also more of a realist
and maybe about twenty years we might have all those infrastructures in place, but meanwhile,
you guys have to eat, you guys have to grow food, and I want you guys to be able to grow
the best food so I’m glad that Josh is in this business and making some of these products,
my favorite products available for you guys, because frankly these products are not available
at your local nursery, which they should—even before we start doing community stuff—they
should just be in every nursery and every big box store so that people can have access
to these cause this is like—I mean, this is like the olden days. You know, the king
owned everything and had all the land and this is like king’s nutrients for your soil
that are not available for people. People are like hoarding it—they’re not really
hoarding it but it’s just not available because the powers that be really don’t
want you to have these things that supercharge your growth so that you no longer need their
crap that they’re selling you! [Josh] Don’t get me started about the powers
that be, John. I’ve even seen a few Monsanto trolls out there, maybe, possibly—
[John] Yeah, they’re definitely gonna show up under this video.
[Josh] Yeah! And posting comments on your YouTube channel, and the truth is these things
that I’m talking about, it might sound crazy and dreamy and too visionary—
[John] They should happen! [Josh] It should absolutely happen and they
should have happened fifty years ago. There are—these secrets, these supposed “organic
secrets of horticulture,” eighty years of fossil fuel farms have denied us the knowledge
that our great grandparents are rolling their eyes in their graves right now, if they can
be watching from the heavens this footage. These time honored techniques of farming have
been around for thousands of years, and we all need to go back to them. And this society
and the commerce glue that it’s built on, that glue needs to change its formula mighty
quick. And I can see this now, five, ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road from now,
we all bartering—“Hey, bro, I made these worm castings with these crab shells, and
this stuff that my buddy got me. You wanna trade for your woodchip based compost that
you shredded from your property?” and so on. I honestly can see that happening, and
I want to see that happen, I really do. A whole lot more than I want to sell Boogie
Brew to the world. I would really like to see those kinds of basic, elemental changes
happening. Community gardens, yes, great start. Along the sterile patch of suburbia that we’re
in right now, how many chemical lawns are there? How much glyphosate—is that how it’s
pronounced? Gly-pho-sate or gly-phos-phate, this stuff that’s been strewn on this street.
And you walk down here and there’s this place that’s just mind-blowing, but really
it’s not that mind blowing. Yes, you put a lot of work into this, building these boxes,
but you did it all. I think you said you did it all in about a year? Was a yearlong project?
[John] All the videos are online for you guys that wanna go back five years and watch my
videos when this was still a lawn. The first video’s digging it up and putting the irrigation
system. And we have videos showing how each one of my videos were built over time.
[Josh] I mean, think how many of us—you know, I don’t have kids yet, but if I ever
do—but honestly, I’m gonna save for their college education, right. How we take these
steps to build our children’s’ future, to build—what’s the word—IRA accounts
for retirements and savings. This was a big infrastructure you put in but it wasn’t
impossible at all. You didn’t spend a whole lot of money doing it, you did it really well.
My point is someone could do it half-ass and still produce spectacular results on their—right
here in suburbia on the front of their house. Like you said, the history of it is all right
here on your channel, and it’s a miracle. It is being a revolutionary, what you’re
doing! By doing this, you’re creating something that is absolutely revolutionary! No amount
of my ranting, or someone being political, or going and doing marchings against Monsanto
can replace the revolutionary ACT—not just the statement but an actual revolutionary
act and no weapons were needed. You simply started growing food in your front garden
and committing a certain amount of time—yes, time is money, it’s a valuable resource—but
you’re out there actually doing it. John, you were born twenty years ahead of
your time buddy. Watch, the gardens of America and the power of GYG, you people watching
this. He’s just the catalyst, right. He’s just the sparkplug. Guess who’s the fire
itself that will extinguish the mighty M—the mighty M—the big M, right. The most hated
corporation in human history. Monsanto, are you out there? You wanna come here and do
some nasty troll reviews? But let me tell you—no, John, seriously. It’s you, not
you—it’s these viewers, these people we’re talking to. That movement—oh my god—that’s
bigger than Beijing, you know 1989 that didn’t happen, and the Arab Spring, which did, put
together. Imagine 1989 happening, Beijing, right—we all know the famous dude coming
out in the tanks and everything. They were silenced, but they almost created real freedom
in China, right. Then have the Arab Spring, right. That did happen. Now roll those two
things together. GYGers, my challenge to you, is create something
more monumental, John, than Beijing and Arab spring put together, and you know why? Because
we live in an age now when it’s a corporatocracy. It’s no longer the governments who control
this world. It is the big evil corporations that are out there! Forget about Boogie Brew,
I could go bankrupt tomorrow. You know, I owe back taxes more on this organic product
than I can sell to you right now. It’s nothing to do with that. It is about creating a revolution
and reversing the status quo. There’s no question in my mind that if something like
that happened, bigger than Beijing and Arab Spring put together and here’s why: Because
corporations have more power than governments. So you come in, and quietly start growing
your own food with your own seeds with your own heirloom—boom! You’ve removed yourself
from the supply chain that they want to dominate us all with.
Right here in California, there’s people who quite rightly believe that some of these
crazy drought effects that we’re experiencing are possibly GEO engineered, that they’re
spraying the skies with aluminum particles. Monsanto’s busy creating strains of vegetables
right now for people to go out and buy in their local hardware store in the Home Depot
that are aluminum resistant. Meanwhile, a lot of theorists out there—conspiracy or
otherwise—who are saying “Hey, there’s more aluminum in our atmosphere, more of these
heavy metals raining down on us more than ever.” So the bigger the web that they weave
over our lives, the more holes people like GYGers that follow you can find to get through
that web. And it’s such a powerful thing that you’re doing.
[John] I agree with you man, thanks a lot. I don’t want to get too much ranting in
this video, it’s gonna get way too long and that can be a whole other video that we
get together one of these days—if you guys want that to happen, hey, thumb this video
up and let me know. We’ll get back with Josh and we’ll have like a rant video about
this stuff. I want to keep focused on gardening, and let you guys know as bad as the corporations
are, as much as they’re controlling the world, you guys—each of you guys have the
power to literally pull the rug out from underneath them. You guys control the corporations with
your money. With your investments in the corporations and more importantly with your dollars that
you spend every day when you’re at the store, when you’re at the grocery store, when you’re
buying anything. You’re giving your money to a corporation. You’re giving your money
to Amazon, then you’re gonna support Amazon’s world domination of the corporate empire and
Amazon support— [Josh] Wait a minute, they sell Boogie Brew
on Amazon! [John] Yeah, no, but Amazon’s another company,
right, and I want to encourage you guys to support your local, small business. Like I
have a small business, Josh has a small business. Support the small guys. When you support me
and my small business,, you support my work enabling me to grow my
own food, enabling me to video for your guys. When you support Josh and buy his products—he
doesn’t make a lot of money, right, he’s not driving a fancy car. He had an old-ass
car. And he leads a meager lifestyle, but you’re supporting him so that he can continue
this most important work of making a change in the world.
Anyways, with that, Josh, I gotta get going. I got a lot of work to do. The sun’s going
down. You’ve been a great guest. Thumbs up this video if you want more videos with
Josh and I, and I hope you guys really enjoyed this episode and make the change you want
to see in the world. Start growing your own food, buy less food, buy less stuff. Be more
of a producer in our consumerism society, and tell those corporations to take a hike.
[Josh] John, John, hold on a minute. Let me just—real quick—I know you got to wrap
this up, but listen buddy. I talk to your viewers every day. I sell them a lot of my
product, right. Sure, I have this cool product, maybe we’re a rock star here, Boogie Brew,
whatever. But I actually talk to—I’m like a conduit, a commercial conduit with your
viewers, and I sense a slight degree of you being unsure of how political to go with your
statements on you GYG videos. Believe me, buddy, I talk to you guys—I talk to your
followers more than you do. I get to sell them my tea too, which is great, but I really
get to talk to these people. There’s people that are twice as passionate as myself and
my little Boogie rant that I just went on about now. There’s no way you can’t try
to light the fire even more. Because they’re waiting. You’re all waiting out there to
really be the flag bearers for you, John. Trust me.
[John] Well, I want to encourage everyone out there that’s passionate on this topic
to make videos about it and post them on YouTube so that other people can see this. I mean,
information is another way we’re gonna take the corporations down besides choosing to
vote with your dollars, is to spread this information to others because it’s been
suppressed far too long. [Josh] Yeah, I always say both money and knowledge
are like manure. You should spread them round. And I honestly think, yeah, spreading money
around so it doesn’t pile up and stink, so it’s like manure, spread it around and
it’s gonna yield for you later. But I honestly think that that’s way more the case with
information, with knowledge. This YouTube model, your thousand plus videos, you all
following him, and the chatter it’s created and the buzz that I am directly conduitted—connected
to, selling you all some tea on the side, I can see it happening. I can witness this
from afar with my cottage level little compost tea business, because I get to talk to you
all every day and I get to really feel and hear the pain, the anguish, the stories, and
the triumphant tales of, yes, we’re doing something. We’re turning this society around
one step at a time. My favorite movie I’ve ever watched, the
End of Suburbia, it’s worse than the worse horror film because it’s really, it’s
happening, and then he beautiful one afterwards, Escape from Suburbia. Escape from Suburbia
is the sequel to it and it is GYG. It is you, John. It is what you all and your thousand
plus videos and all your followers and all of it put together—Escape from Suburbia
video—the movie, great movie. Watch The End of Suburbia, which is worse than any horror
film, because it’s real, it’s happening now, and then the positive one, the sequel
to it, Escape from Suburbia. Guess what, you all have already been doing it, and that is
the answer, I’m telling you straight up. [John] Alright, Josh, thanks for that. I gotta
get running. Hope you guys really enjoyed this episode. Once again, my name is John
Kohler with We’ll see you next time and until then, remember,
keep on growing.

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