How to apply fertilizer to Chandramallika plants (with English Subtitle)

hello! here in this video, I am going to show you how I am taking care of Chrysanthemum plant for their good growth these are mustard cake we have to soak it in water for 2 days and then use it the portion of it is 100 gram in 1-liter water this mustard cake water is the best nutritious fertilizer for the Chrysanthemum plant we have to use it at an interval of 7 days then you will get more flower and it stays for long if the plant’s growths are very poor then you can use half spoon DAP or 10-26-26 or NPK 20-20-20 mixed it in 1-liter water and use it with that fertilizer here you can see these chrysanthemum plants growth possible in this 2-inch size small pot only because of using this muster cake water fertilizer now see how I am using this fertilizer. now see which Chrysanthemum plants I have planted directly in the land there growth is good because of this mustard cake water fertilizer not only that, if you use this fertilizer regularly then the flower and the growth of this plants will be the same for a long time but see I made this plant cutting it from another plant, I will show you now how I made it here the Chrysanthemumnplants you see these are 1 year old here I have 4 different types of plant, now see how I am making the plant from this plants

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