How to Apply Granule Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is key to giving your lawn the
proper nutrients it needs to thrive. Proper fertilization is a balance between relying
on what your soil is giving your lawn, and what you can add. To apply fertilizer, use a broadcast spreader
that has a wide spread. Use a consistent fast walk to make sure that the fertilizer does
in fact spread out wide. Come in from the sidewalk or drive way about two feet to create
a perimeter. Now start walking the lawn. With every pass, make sure to come out about two
feet from your last pass, so the fertilizer throws back to your tire marks. Generally, with cool season grass, fertilizing
should be done March through May and September through November. For warm season grass, fertilizing
should be done March through November. Specific fertilizer and how much you will put down,
will depend on your grass type, where you live, climate and other contributing factors. Over fertilizing can cause spurts of random
growth that will cause unsightly, uneven patches of grass. However, under-fertilizing will
make it hard for the grass to fight off invading weeds and disease. And it’s that easy with the expert help
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