How to Apply NPK Fertilizer to Plants? 2016 ( Urdu/Hindi/English Subtitles )

[ Intro Music ] Hello Viewers If you watch my Previous Video I told you about NPK Fertilizers and its Importance We Describe the Fertilizer First Then We talk about the NPK fertilizer importance But in This Video i will tell you that How to apply NPK Fertilizer to plant with Practical Demonstration I have 3 Pots of Different Sizes I use these for Practical You can only use 2 grains of NPK in small pot and you can add more if you have large pot and try to not overdose it may damage the plant First i will apply to this Small pot I use only 2 grains of NPK in this Pot Now you have to make soil Soft and then give some water so, NPK absorb by the plant NPK do not dissolve quickly if it dissolve fast then 2 grains are also more then enough for the plant So , thats why we use only 2 grains of NPK then give some water in normal amount Now we take Big pot in this pot i use 4 grains of NPK These two grains have much difference in size So, they work also difference So, try to use less amount of NPK then as usual , repeat the same process before i told you No we use much Bigger Pot in this Pot we use almost 8 grains of NPK Then Same Process , make soil soft and Give water , and wait for dissolve No you have to remember and care your plant to not give to much NPK. Overdose may Cause Death of Plant Plant grow more in Summer and This is the Ideal season for Fertilizing I will tell you about Other Fertilizers in Next Videos So Stay Tuned with us for More Videos Give us Good Feedback and Ask Questions if you have

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