How to become Self Reliant in Thailand, Pun Pun Organic Farm

[Music] this compound that we call it a self-reliant learning center we’re in Thailand so we mostly work the Thai groups and we teach them about organic farming seed-saving natural building natural health here about 60% before we grow we go for seed and then we distribute it mainly for free around Thailand in Thailand the number of organic farmers increased gradually increased now but the number of all farmer who used to be farmers decreased a lot because they cannot survive in chemical way anymore so no farmer won their kids to become farmer again they send their kids away but the number of young people from the city want to come back to the farm is increased they have strong intention that they want to do organic farming so this is a new hope for because when they have good thinking the technique is not a problem now we do a lot of training mainly people from the city come and many most of them ready to create a job many of they are looking for land Numidian bought the land already this is the change I feel like is exciting your volume I think it’s quite different from how it is in Europe or North America because people it’s only like one or two generations ago that people have this connection to the land so most people have somebody in the family who has access to land in the countryside so going back to the land is not such a difficult thing as it is for us but then because of globalization and all this there was a lot of pressure on families to send their children away from the village into the cities to get a university education to to start working to get a degree in business and start doing that but what we’re seeing is a lot of people doing that and then becoming very disillusioned and recognizing that it’s not really much of a life so they come to us for a workshop and then very often they look they were you know they look and they see or but we have this land or if you know in this rural area and they make that move to go back to the land trying to get something themself everybody just work to digest the resources into money but nobody work hard to produce more resources for this earth so this part in make me feel like we’re killing ourselves everybody working hard a lot of farmer everywhere they work hard before they work one pieces a year they used fertilizer only one or two times they use chemical weed killer pesticide one or two times a year but now they work so often so three times four times a year doesn’t mean they use more and in the modern world the soy start to become a dead soil more and more and the waters contaminate everywhere and then now we need to buy drinking water in the bottle I feel like this is the biggest crisis in human life we have more water than earth on this earth on this world but why we have to buy water today how can we come back to live in the way that we can produce resources and in the same time we can sustain ourselves also in terms of people coming to volunteer it was mainly people from Europe Australia North America but now we’re starting to see a much more diverse group of people wanting to come to volunteer which is also really good like we’re getting a lot of people coming from Asia Malaysia Taiwan and Vietnam China and then we’re also starting to get people coming from countries that wouldn’t normally come like South America Central America Africa so to me it’s good because it looks like there’s it’s not just a time movement there’s a global movement to survive on the third we cannot survive alone we have to have good have communities have networks so now we start a company farmer by the chair which company the owner a bright new by the chair the distributor by the chair consumer by the chair everybody who who are in the circle of food can buy share and then we want to make the circle of food fair and right for everybody so now everybody who might share need to get trained first to understand together that we did not do business because of we want the highest rocket but we want to have the system of food fair for everybody so it’s become a big Network a big family so we don’t need to compete with anybody because we have producers we had consumer we always have choice on the first if we want to chain we need to chain we can do it now so that’s why we choose this one which is to do like this we bought this land and we start to work on this land because we have believed that we can make it good

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