How to Build A Compost Bin

hi there it’s Margaret from days well spent and in this workshop we’re going to show you how to build an expandable compost bin okay we’re to show you how to make one panel and then you’re to make two more identical to it after you do the first panel okay now we’re going to start putting the boards here that we’ve cut for the side panels so you’ve got six of the three footers and you have six of the 33 inch it’s the 33 inch board this is a 36 inch board and line that board up and this is what we’re going to put our construction screws I like using screws instead of nails because they don’t pull out over a period of time so we flip it over. once we got the first one on now we’re going to put the other 36 inch board on top of the 33 inch boards and screw it down the same way that we did the other side okay so once you get together that gives you a perfect three by three foot square frame you can see there’s three foot and three foot put your mesh over this thing is aligned one corner up first and get a cut and get a couple staples in it into place then go to your second Warren and line it up courts even with the top and they get a couple of staples in place now you’re going to have about a quarter of an inch on this it’s just the way the messages designed that you’re gonna have to trim out so don’t staple this side down instead you can go ahead and staple all these two sides first then we have to cut the excess off on the back and then the last will cut the quarter inch off of the side you so once you’ve got the wire mesh stapled down on your frame you’re ready to move on to the next frame. you want to follow the exact same procedure and so you have all three frames coming to you of your your side panels built you’re going to take your four by fours and we’re going to bolt the four by fours to one of the side panels on both ends first and this is going to help provide the framework for our been the easiest way to do this is to go ahead and lay it down on level surface so that’s what we’re doing here you Now that You’ve got your other two ends mounted we’re going to go ahead and grab another panel and we’re going to start forming our box and what we’ve decided to do is make sure that our mesh is on the inside that’s going to mean that this board is on the outside so accomplished if you wanna play against it and we’re not gonna have to worry about this wood rotting away you I’m going to do another panel on the device in the same way now that we have the side panels attached to the tuber your posts we’re going to go ahead and install the two front post you it’s way to do this is just take a 2 by 4 because you need to cut the correct length sitting on them that lower brace we just made and take a pencil and just mark the top of your 4 by 4 because that’s how long it needs to be and then cut it at your marks and do that for both sides okay now we’re going to we’re going to measure in two inches in on one of our two by fours that we cut for our basically our rail holders and then if you have a straight edge you can use that or you can just use another two by four and make a line all the way from your mark to mark 2 inches in this is going to allow you to line it up on your frame to bolt it to your frame you come to the front of your bin and that line you’re going to just put it at the edge of your corner post at four by four and that’s just so you can when you bulk this on that it’s going to be straight and you come around to the front and we’re going to put screws on it to hold it put one screw in at the top first get it started before you line it up and you can come in and line up the top part first to the bottom check your line at the bottom and just it if need be and secure it as well and then do the same on the other side okay now we’re going to do our back rail that’s going to hold our boards for the front so you’re going to place the place the two by two on the ground because you’re going to want it to be able to hold that very bottom board in the same way you did with the front put a rail support you’re just going to mark at the top of the four by four and cut on your line you do that for both sides all right now before we mount these up these these inner inside rails you’re going to have to decide what type of boards or fascia that you want on your ear bin and you’re going to have to cut at least one of those boards to length so it’s going to go from the inside of the four-by-four to the inside of the other four by four all the way across we’re going to just use fence boards because we already had them and they’re cheap and once you get your board cut to the bottom it should be right at three feet because the inside the bin is three foot square you’re going to sit that that first run piece of board right down there at the bottom and you’re going to push it up against the up the outside frame then you’re going to take that little on two by two foot inch piece you’re going to you’re going to you’re going to put it up against that and you’re going to screw it in there and that’s going to provide the correct spacing you need for your lower board to fit and you may want to back it up a little bit leaving about a sixteenth of an inch so that it has some some some to give and is able to slide up and down without without binding now at this point we’re not going to secure the top you’re going to put the other side on just like you did this one okay now we take a board you’re one of your boards you cut for the front and slide it all the way up to the top it should kind of hold into place and you’re going to adjust the top part and you’re going to bolt it in as well just like you did the bottom leaving about a sixteenth of an inch which would give you rooms for this to slide up and down and then do the same thing on the other side okay once you get the the top part mounted we’re going to go ahead and put one in the middle actually probably a couple of them to hold it in place along the length of the open of the rice now we’re going to cut the boards that are going to go in the front facing that’s what’s going to create sort of a door it’s going to keep everything in I Scott mentioned we’re just using some sense sports they’re cheap enough to replace as they break down and we also had quite a few left over from a fenced section that we replaced you’re going to measure it ours is 36 inches if you followed our measurements for the woods your should be the same all right so you’re just going to put it between those two runners that we made and slide it down in place go ahead and cut enough to go all the way to the top alright so we put it together enough we’re going to go ahead and lift it and put it in place it’s going to be against this back fence wall and that was one of the reasons we made this into little sections language is we can move it if we need to it’s easy to add bins on eventually we’ll have a free then section here again the same as we have the three bins section for our tumblers alright so all the slats are in place our bin is in the corner like I said we’re going to add another section to it we’re actually going to start working on that later today but we want to go ahead and close this out and let you see the finish bin I’m going to have Scott go ahead and remove a flat just kind of give you an idea of how it works so when you’re ready to stir your compost you just take out a couple of flats use a pitchfork or whatever you want you dig in there turn your compost around when you’re done you place your flat back into the runners there hope you enjoyed watching this video if you have any questions about building your own compost pile make sure to let us know and if you decide to make one of your own we’d love to see what you make

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  1. My favorite activity. You have made it look so easy to build your compost bin. Thank you. Happy to connect. You're welcome home. Stay connected

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