How to Build Terrariums & Vivariums : Tips for Watering & Fertilizing a Terrarium

Hi, my name is Wes on behalf of Expert
In this video segment I am going to talk to you about watering and fertilizing your tropical
plants terrarium. If you want to know about terrariums and carnivorous plants you can
visit us at So after we have planted and accented our
terrarium you want to make sure to water it very well. Nepenthes require almost daily
spraying. You can use a spray bottle which is perfect for something like this. But also
depending on the kind of plants you have inside of your terrarium it is really going to depend
on what kind of watering requirements they need. So here we just spray down the entire
tank making sure that everything is nice and wet. Remember these plants are very tropical
so they love lots of water. Another thing you can do with nepenthes is you can refill
their traps. They should be about halfway full. You want to do this because usually
when you are planting nepenthes the water can spill out of their traps. Another thing
you can use is fertilizer. Now when you are planting a carnivorous plant terrarium you
want to make sure never to use fertilizer. These plants require a very nutrient rich
soil in order to survive and most fertilizers will kill them in a matter of days. But depending
on the kind of plants you have, you may want to use fertilizer. I like to use a very good
mild organic fertilizer that you can mix. You use jut a capful or two and an entire
32 ounce spray can. You want to mix it up very well and incorporate it very well into
the water and then spray it on your plants. Again, we never want to use fertilizer when
we are working with carnivorous plants. But that essentially is how you want to water
your terrarium. Another advantage of this kind of terrarium is you can see where your
water level is at inside of this clay base. Here our water level is fairly low. We can’t
see it right now but it should only get to be about half way up here.

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