How to Care and Grow Areca Palm in Pots

In the name of ALLAH, I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider! Today’s video topic is How to Care Areca Palm This is the best purifier indoor plant according to NASA’s research this is among one of the best purifier plants Areca palm is also the most popular in all palm species this is easy to grow comparatively to other palm species this could be grown and managed easily this looks beautiful as well if you place indoors it may enhance the beauty of your house also multiplies the beauty of your garden and give your eyes a soothing effect best plant to have at home When we talk about the soil of Areca Palm it likes Porous soil it doesn’t like hardy soil you can my plant’s soil is porous it likes porous soil because this plant most danger from overwatering because of overwatering its roots start rotting and this plant will not survive if we talk about its watering it likes medium water does require low water of high on watering due to overwatering its edges start turning brown looks like if they are rotting and its roots also start rotting when you brought this plant home from nursery it was place in full sunlight at nursery when you bring this home don’t place in shades directly in indoor area instead place it at semi shades first before where it gets sunlight as well as shades then you can move it gradually to indoors in complete shade indoors place it where it got bright light but not the direct sunlight don’t place in too much dark if its leaves start turning yellow or turns brown then it means plant is getting potassium deficiency for that deficiency you can use potash powder 1 tea spoon in big pot once after 20 days then you can give only if you feel leaves still yellow or its not yet recovered from deficiency and edges are still brown like this then you can give potash powder again otherwise don’t use potash powder again in the pot benefit of giving potash powder to plant it recovers from its deficiency and its leaves edges turned green again and yellowness of leaves end and turns to green again its new growth is also coming see this its new smaller leaves are coming and these are big ones completely opened and one thing you should be careful I have done this mistake you shouldn’t do that when its leaves turn brown from edges don’t cut them like this because leaves doesn’t grow again if they are rot and turns brown and all leaves on the stem start rotting turning brown and its color starts yellowing then cut the stem from base area from here cut it from base area instead cutting its leaves like that this way cutting will damage the plant’s health and danger other parts as well and plant doesn’t grow well DO NOT give Epsum slat to Areca Palm at all We use epsum salt for other plants but don’t give this salt to Areca palm if we talk about insects for this plant then spider mites could attack on this plant and other leaf eaters could also attack this plant just to eat leaves of this plant in that case what you need to do is when spider mites attacked and leaves of the plants eaten up then clean the leaves of palm with soapy water and rinse them complete then clean with spraying clean water because spider mites only attack dirty plants and doesn’t attack on clean plants so you avoid spider mites as much as you keep this plant clean and also other insect won’t attack your palm if we talk about fertilizer then plant doesn’t require much fertilizers because these varieties of palm are slow growers that is why they don’t require much fertilizer but if you want to give fertilizer to your palm then you can give NPK but you should dose NPK in winters or in spring season not in summers and fall because this will burn the plant and burn the leaves completely this is the information about Areca palm I want to share with you if you like my video then press the like icon share this videos and subscribe my channel Go Green, Pakistan Green!

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  1. Sir mere areca palm ki new leaves khulne SE pehle hi dry ho jaati Hain please mujhe batayen kaise theek Hoga thanx

  2. Asalam o Alikum…plz kya ap mujhay bata saktay hai k karachi mai ye kaha say aur kese price mai milay ga plz zaroor reply jiye ga mujhay ye bohat passand hai…

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