How to care for and fertilize Hibiscus/ China Rose/ Gudhal for an year-round flowering

Hello friends! I’m your host Brahmdeo. Friends, Hibiscus or Gudhal is such a flowering plant that is available in many different colors and in many different shades and full of flowers almost the whole year. Except 2,3 months of excessive cold, it keeps on producing flowers from Spring to all the rest of the months. If we call it a flowering machine of tropical climate, it won’t be an exaggeration . But to make it keep on producing flowers and keep it in a healthy position, it is necessary that you take a good care of it and fulfill all its requirements. Friends! Every plant has some special requirements which, if not fulfilled at right time, the performance of the plant will not stand up to your expectations. So, in today’s video, I will introduce to you all the requirements of Hibiscus related to its care. The fertilizer requirement of Hibiscus is a bit different from the other flowering plants that you should know. In this video, I’ll tell you how, when and which fertilizer should be used for Hibiscus and which fertilizer shouldn’t be used for this plant. Friends, this plant of mine is potted in a 12 inch clay pot and has been producing flowers for last three years . If grown in land, it doesn’t require to be controlled for increasing height. But, for a potted plant we do control the size by pruning the plant. However, pruning has other advantages that I’ll discuss ahead. Friends, whether the climate is dry or humid has almost no effect on the flowering of Hibiscus. The only condition for a good flowering is that the ambient temperature should lie between 16 deg C and 27 deg C and the plant is getting open sunlight of at least 6 hours. Only during the months of excessive cold, Hibiscuss stops producing flowers, or simply saying that it becomes dormant. If observed according to North-Indian climate, mid November to mid February is the period of dormancy for Hibiscus. During this period, no fertilizer should be applied to Hibiscus and water only when the soil is fully dried even if the leaves drop down after fading. For a potted Hibiscus, a good potting mix is necessary. The potting mix should be rich in organic matter, the drainage should also be very good so that water is not retained for a very long period. Hibiscus is an acid loving plant, so the potting mix should be slightly acidic in nature. Let me tell you the recipe of the potting mix that I have used for my Hibiscus plant . In this potting mix, the content of simple garden soil is 30 percent, the content of sand is 20 percent, coco-peat is in 20 percent , well rotten cow dung manure is also mixed in same amount and the rest 10 percent of the total amount is Vermi-compost. Water is not logged in this type of potting mix but still the soil remains moist for longer period which is necessary for Hibiscus. Beside this, in the upper layer of soil, about up to one or one & hal finches deep, an additional layer of well rotten cow dung manure or vermicompost or a mixture of both must be added. This additional layer of organic matter works as a slow release fertilizer and keeps supplying the nutritional dose the whole year as per the need of Hibiscus. Friends, the next important thing that affects flowering in Hibiscus is its watering. There should be no water logging in the pot of Hibiscus. But the potting mix should always be damp, i.e. moisture should be present in it. So, as soon as the soil of upper layer gets dried up to one inch, it should be deeply watered. In dry climate when there is hot and dry wind, the water requirement of Hibiscus increases. In such times, it requires a daily dose of water. During Monsoon, the air is already moist heavily, so the potting mix of Hibiscus also remain moist for longer period of time. Therefore, the watering interval during rainy season should be increased a bit. During colder months, the water requirements of Hibiscus decreases and the flowering also reduces. Hence, as the cold increases, the supply of water should be kept reducing, so that the plant enjoys the period of dormancy. In the coldest months, watering Hibiscus once in a month will be enough. In these months, water Hibiscus only that much which is just necessary for its survival. In addition to this, supply of fertilizer should also be stopped. Doing this may cause leaves-dropping, but is necessary to do in colder months. Friends, the next important thing which is necessary for a continuous flowering in hibiscus is its fertilization. In an established Hibiscus plant the most required fertilizer is potassium and the least required fertilizer is phosphorus. So, use such a fertilizer which is rich in potassium and poor in phosphorus. The fertilizer rich in phosphorus such as bone-meal, D.A.P. or Single super phosphate should not be used for Hibiscus. As chemical fertilizer, Potash or Potassium sulphate can be used with pleasure. The organic fertilizer that I use for my plants frequently, is this super organic liquid fertilizer which is rich in potassium. This is made by decomposition of Banana and the video for this is available at my channel in which the process of making and use has been explained. You can get the link of this video in description box too. In addition to this, get the used tea leaves dried in shade after rinsing with water and keep adding in the pot of Hibiscus. It increases the acidity of soil too and the plant keeps on getting the essential nutrients. Friends, the organic fertilizers can be used every week while the chemical fertilizer should be repeated at least at an interval of 3 to 4 weeks. Before and after using the chemical fertilizer, supply sufficint water to the plants, otherwise due to the accumulation of salt the roots and leaves may burn out. Every month a spoonful of Epsom Salt (MgSO4) diluted with water should be added to (or sprayed) the potting mix keep the leaves green. Friends, Hibiscus always produces flowers at the top end of its branch. So, more the number of branches more will be the number of flowers. For this, the branch-pruning of Hibiscus is necessary. Every time after flowering, the upper part of its branch should be pruned by one-third of the total length. By doing this will produce in every old branche, many new branches and the number of flowers will automatically increase. The most appropriate time to prune Hibiscus is during its growth period when flowers also are coming up. Spring to Summer is the appropriate time to prune Hibiscus. Pruning in colder months is not recommended. Friends, the next issue that can badly affect flowering in Hibiscus is pest infestation. During rainy season when humidity increases, attack of pests also increases. The attack of Spider mites and Millibug is most common in Hibiscus. These pests rapidly increase over the plants and weakens it by sucking nutrients present inside the plant. As soon as the symptom of infestation is seen, one must start the remedy for this. Soap-water spray, or neem-oil spray, or neem-garlic extract spray over the affected parts 2 to 3 times per week will end up with the pest infestation. Neem-oil or neem-garlic extract spray, if used twice per month on a regular basis will almost nullify the chances of pest attack. Neem-garlic spray not only saves plant from pest attack, but also provides essential nutrients to the plants which keeps its disease immunity stronger and plants always remain healthy. The video for preparing neem-oil spray or neem-garlic extract spray is available at my channel and their link can also be found in the description box. Friends, I would like to mention one more important thing related to Hibiscus. Don’t repot your Hibiscus plant from a smaller pot to a much bigger pot, but in a little bigger pot. Beside this while re potting, do a light root pruning only if there is a heavy root-bounding to the plant, otherwise don’t do any root-pruning. The reason behind this is that Hibiscus loves to be pot-bounded. If re potted to a much larger pot, the roots will take much time to spread the whole pot and unless the roots spread completely to whole pot there will be less number of flowers. Friends, now at the end I’d like to tell you that beside taking a good care of Hibiscus, its leaves starts yellowing. In most cases, its not a big issue, but is just an indication which tells you that plant is in need of some particular things or already getting something in excess of its need. If you can understand the reasons behind yellowing of the leaves, you certainly will get help in taking corrective measures. I tell you about some possible reasons. The first cause may be nutritional deficiency, the second may be either over watering or under watering, third cause may be increase or decrease in the limit of temperature, fourth is hot or cold drafts of wind over the plants, fifth cause may be availability of sunlight either in excess or in lacking. Sixth cause may be pest infestation and the seventh cause may be change in location of the potted plant. So friends, I hope that whatever information I gave you regarding care of Hibiscus will be of good help to you. If you find it useful, please click the LIKE button. 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