How to Care for Azaleas : How to Prepare the Soil for Azaleas

Hello! I am Jose Zuniga and I am a professional
gardener. Today I am here to representing We are going to discuss
soil preparation. We have the soil right here, so just clean it up real good and remove any
obstacles like plastic or metals that might be there. If you encounter any rocks, be sure
to remove them because Azaleas do not like areas that have frogs. They just don’t do
well. So there we go, we move all the grass and this looks clean. We are going to fill
this container halfway, there we go. That looks like halfway of it. This is coffee grinds; this is acid. We did not purchase
any acid today so what we are going to do is sprinkle a little bit of coffee here and
that is going to give them acid that the Azaleas need. That is perfect you know. Everyday just
put it on the side of the container and keep it. So we got that, now that is ready. With
the nails, we are going to place two on the side and the purpose of the nails is basically
they are going to release the chemicals like iron that the plants need and that is good
for them. This is how we prepare our soil.

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