How to Care for House Plants : Growing House Plants without Soil

Hi! My name is Austin Shepard here with Expert
Village. Today I am here to talk to you about plants without soil. Not all plants necessarily
need soil. You can take a plant which starts out as a bulb and just put it in a jar which
contains water. If you don’t have a special jar that really contributes to the growth
of a plant, you can just take any little small container, throw some water in it and just
put your bulb in that water and it will grow as you can see. And maybe if you get a small
pot like this one, you can take this bulb and replant it into some soil into this pot.
Make sure that you keep the soil very very wet so that it is almost like living in a
swamp and the plant will flourish. Also if you have a small fish tank or fish bowl, you
can get plants which grow in water. If you are taking a plant and putting it within a
fish tank, be sure that you have the right kind of lighting which the plants need to
grow. A lot of times people make a common mistake that a fish lamp which comes with
most fish tanks is enough light to grow a plant within a fish tank. It is actually false.
You will need a separate light to put over your fish tank in order for that plant to
grow. But if you have a small fish bowl like this one, you can take a plant which once
lived in soil such as a peace lily and submerge it in the water, place it under some rocks
so that the roots have a place to go and you will notice in time that new sprouts and new
leaves will grow and the plant will flourish there in the water.

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