How to care Rose plant with Soil making (With English Subtitle)

Hello! today I am going to show you how to prepared soil for rose plant here I have 9 plants 8 of them are mini rose plants, those whose flower will be small in size and this one is the big one I brought these plants from the nursery the growth of these plants does not happens properly in these small pots so I am repot these plants see this is 12-inch size pot and there are holes in the bottom of this pot I will repot these rose plants into these 12-inch size pot for this reason I am going to share with you how I am preparing the soil I prepared this normal soil for many other plants the ration of this mixture is 20% dust cow dunk and 10% wooden husk and 70% normal soil you can use it in any plant but for some plants, there are some special soil needed in that case what we need for rose plants is one is bone dust this is it for 10 plants we need a minimum 400-500 gram of this I am giving around 400 gram here this is horn dust this is made from horn I will give around 250-300 gram of it here you can see here, this is made from horn I brought these from the nursery this two thing are special entity for the rose plant, it’s not necessary for other plants now see this is neem cake we should use this neem cake in every plant the benefits of this neem cake is it works as an antibacterial remedy, it can protect the plant from many germs, besides that it also works as a fertilizer so I am giving it around 500 gram and this is mustard cake i am giving it around 300 gram for 10 plants we can use these things 500 gram each but I am using a little less so that the plants don’t get burn now it’s novenber month if I made it in the rainy season in the month of July and August then we have to add this bavistin powder as an antifungus along with the neem cake now we can use this bavistin powder by mixing it with medicine, whenever we spray any medicine on this plants it can protect the plants from fungus now I am mixing these things with the soil this way we have to mix it properly so that all entities get mixed very well remember that for making this 1 feet size 10 pot’s soil we have to add all these ingredients 500 gram each the excess of these is not good for plants as well as the less than the growth of the plants don’t happen properly now see how I am planting this plants here you can see the water drainage holes are little big so, in that case, I am using this Brick pieces I made these breaking the bricks now i am giving this into this pots you can use small size stone also so that it will not get melt down through the holes after this, I am giving some wooden husk like this like this, we have to give these in every pot so that the soil can’t block these water drainage holes first I am giving some soil here now I am putting this plants I will show you the updated video of these plants when the flower started to blooming many friends requested me to make a video about hydroponics and aquaponics so I want to tell you all that I have started to work on that, after finishing it I will share it with you keep watching my video till the end and a request to all of you, if you like my video please subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon to get the notification we have to give the soil up to this level only it’s complete, now we have to provide water on it you can see little buds here firstly we have to give sufficient water so that it can fix the gap of the soil the excess water will go down to the bottom automatically

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