honest reviews and advice. Hold tight, and welcome to
today’s video. This is yet another very simple video that I’ve been requested
to do for quite some time. Basically, it is how
to whip out and change one of these taps, okay, and
it’s also going to lead on to another very quick video,
how to properly roll on PTFE. Because I’ve watched
apprentices do that loads, and it is an absolute
nightmare watching them do it. So, we’ve got this outside tap here, basically completely seized up. Usually I’ll whip this bit out here, but the customer wants a nice new one, so we’re going to take this bit off. As you can see on the bottom of this, it’s got a check valve on it. Now we’ve got the new one here, check valve on there. That prevents water from
going back into the system, so it only goes one way. (blowing) Blimey. I’ve done that in a
video a couple of years ago. But, yeah, so that stops water from going back up through the tap
and into the system. We’ve got the water off here already, and so, what we’re doing is, we just need to get our
adjustable spanner on here, and sometimes, depending on
how good the wall plate is, you might want to get
a pair of grips on here to stabilise that when you loosen it off. Now sometimes these can be super tight. Now if that is the case,
I’ll probably go and get my torch, my blowtorch,
and heat up this here so that expands and loosens it off. But we’ll just see now
how easy it is to remove, and hopefully it will
come out okay. Oh yeah. (tools moving on metal) Well look at that. So easy. I’ll loosen that off there. Should just be able to whip
that out with our hands. We should have a little bit of water’s going to probably pop out here. It’s just coming out of the system, so just let that outside. Oh look, as you can see that’s; that’s given up the ghost. So that’s coming out
alright, what a lovely day. Now I’m going to wrap some PTFE on this, sometimes I put Loctite on it, but it should be fine with some PTFE, doesn’t seem to get all around
so we’ll see how it goes. Now, I am going to do a video
after this, directly after. How to roll PTFE onto a thread, because the reasons, as I said, I even watched a bloke on
some instructional video for weeks doing it wrong, and it made me want to cry. Genuinely I wanted to go mental, so, I’m just going to do this, but in the next video
I’ll show you exactly how. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh he’s so quick at using PTFE, isn’t he? Oh yeah he is. Oh too many rolls,
probably also hear you say. Shut up. Right, so, I’m just going
to roll this back in here, and we’re just going to go up, like so. Let’s get nice and tight,
let’s get nice and tight now. See if we can get one more turn out of it. There we go, beautiful. There we go, that’s that tap on and done. Just pick off the little bits of PTFE. So there we go, that’s done. I’m just going to go and
turn the water back on and test for leaks and also test that this turns on and off alright, which it should do because it’s brand new. Right, so the water’s back on. I’m now going to get a wet
knee. This should work. Oh look at that, isn’t that lovely. Oh it’s really coming out. So, you saw how easy it was
there to change that over. If you know how to turn your water off, and you know how to get your mains off, and you know how to isolate one of these taps so you can change it, you see how easy it is to do. All you need is, obviously,
your spanner, your grips, and some PTFE tape, or some Loctite. If you need any more help
or any more information then let us know, okay, at
[email protected] Also, we do a Helpouts thing
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bit of a simple video, but our Youtube subscriber
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help you out as well. So remember to subscribe, and as ever, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We post loads of photos every day, and people love it. I hope you enjoyed today’s video, and I will see you in the next one, which is going to be very soon everybody. Once that’s done, I’m going
to plan a holiday away, because I need one, okay? I’ll see everyone soon. Remember everybody, hold tight!,
honest reviews and advice.

45 thoughts on “HOW TO CHANGE A FAULTY OUTSIDE TAP – Plumbing Tips

  1. Handy, mine leaks from the top spindle under the handle, can this be tightened without the water being turned off?
    Well done and with knees!

  2. Any chance of a video on installing laboratory sinks I have a big job coming up installing 30 of them and I've never done them lool

  3. Hi, what happens if after tightening the tap assembly the position of the tap handle is misaligned as like upside down? To make it right side up by further forced clockwise turn would over stress the joint (boom!), and to make it rightsideup by anticlockwise turn, would loosen the joint!!!

  4. Thanks for the video.  

    All seemed to go well until I screwed the tap on and then found that the tight spot wasn't when the tap was vertical but more like 2 o'clock rather than up and down at 6  6 o'clock.

    In the end I just wound load of PTFE round until the contraption seemed to tighten more naturally at the 6 o'clock spot. 

    Was that the right approach?

  5. Thanks for this. I am a novice and the Pte video also came in handy. My initial challenge was that the new tap only went to the point it was upside down, but the old tap still went on correctly. I check the threads on both taps and noticed the thread on the old tap was rubbed down. It just took a controlled amount of brute force to correct it, and tap is now fitted.

  6. thank u! you are simply a star! I needed my out door tap changing and asked quite a few guys to do it for me. needless to say one year plus later…and I was still waiting! So u decided to tackle it myself. ……. so i watched your videos and it was sooooo simple to do! I changed my own tap in a matter of 5 mins!
    now I'm going to tackle fixing my patio!


  7. I replaced the one in my backyard and there is a very slow drip coming from the threaded section, I added the PTFE tape to the threads and the tap can not be tightened any more.
    What would be causing this?

  8. On heating it up with a torch…. if it is sealed with PTFE tape, dont. It smokes the PTFE tape and the fumes become a mix of air and water and hydroflouric acid, which is extremely hazardous to health and damages lungs. Other than that, great video.

  9. hey hi we are planning for deck in backyard can you please explain me how to extend backyard tap so its dont bother in deck covering.thank you..

  10. Great video yet again!!
    My outside tap continues to trips for a while after shutting off. Would you say I need a new outside tap like this video? Thanks

  11. Err, I've been watching your videos and they are good. But we want to install a tap for the back, but our sink is not directly behind the kitchen wall, it's actually at the front of the house. Whoever designed my house, is retarded, how can you put a tap for the back garden if the sink is not near the back garden. He also put our boiler under the staircase that is like 4ft high, and I'm 6ft 1, honestly

  12. I've got one of old fashioned garden taps like one being replaced in this video…rather than replacing the whole unit is there an adaptor? I find plenty for newer style taps but not old style

  13. Ive moved to a new house and the garden tap has no water while my neighbours got theirs working. Im not sure what to do and who to ask for it . Any helpful suggestions please?

  14. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

  15. I’ve had a brand new tap fitted by a professional about a year and half ago, it was fine and I haven’t used it in all that time, but now the pressure is extremely low and I get a bit more than a trickle, but the pressure is absolutely fine in the kitchen which I think this tap feeds from?!?!😖
    What’s going on there do you think and what can I do to fix it? (Any links would be great😃)

  16. First one I've seen by you so I've now subscribed as you were quite easy going and able to handle a presentation. I've got a 'dangling' outside tape which I want to change similar to yours above but how can I stablise the hose coming out of the wall to the tap connection ? Yours above appears to have some kind of apparatus around it ? thanks in advance.

  17. Worked for me. Very easy; thanks. First time my tap ended up in the 3 o'clock position so I unscrewed it, added about 7 more rounds of tape, and that made it end up right way up.

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