How to Collect a Soil Sample

How to take a soil sample. Whether it’s
in your home garden or a twenty-acre pasture
field-it will all fit in this box, which you can get from your local Cooperative Extension
office. Here are the tools that are required: You need your soil sample sheet, you need
your soil probe, and a plastic bucket. If you
don’t have a soil probe, you can borrow one from your local
Cooperative Extension office or Soil and Water office or you can use a
shovel. If you choose to borrow a soil probe, you want to place it on the
ground like a T, you want to twist it, it does have a cutter
on the end, and apply some pressure. Once you do that to six to eight inches is the recommended depth. There is a mark on the
soil probe itself. If there is any grass on top, turf on top, you want to knock that off.
Place that soil sample in your plastic bucket. You want to take several random
samples. Place them all in the bucket, mix them all together. You want to make sure your
soil is dry. Take a portion of that mixture and fill your soil sample box to this red
line. Make sure that your soil sample is closed and secure. And you want to
ship it to Raleigh with your soil sample information sheet. That
is the only payment required for a soil sample. The only thing you pay is to
ship it to Raleigh. Once you get your results back they will email them to you. If you do
not have an email address, call your local Cooperative Extension office and we can mail
one out to you. We will also help analyze your results.

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