How to Complete a Soil Sample

A beautiful healthy lawn like the one behind
us is dependent on the nutrition levels in the soil. To determine this you need to take
a soil test. Timing is important when taking a soil test. Two to three months are needed
prior to the date you plan to fertilize the lawn.

Proper tools are also important preferably use a stainless soil probe; however a stainless
steel trowel will be adequate. Once you take the cores, you should mix them in a good clean
plastic bucket. Other buckets tend to contaminate the test. Test each area as a unique set. The lawn for
example is a unique sample. Take ten to fifteen cores from that lawn and mix them in your
bucket. You will need to take from that lawn area, each core sample four inches deep. Mix
those with cores you have in your bucket so you will have adequate soil to fill your soil
test box. Notice we have the box full, and on the box
you have a place to put a sample number. You want to use that number to match it adequately
on your soil report. Keep a record of this number and the location of the place the sample
came from. Within a few weeks, you can find your report
online at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture website. If you have questions
about your report, contact your local Cooperative Extension Service.

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