How to compost a green garden – Urban Gardener video

DENTON TARVER: Today on Urban
Gardener, we’re going to Ditmas Park to see a garden
that uses its own compost. OK, so this is one
of my favorite things to do in gardens. This right here is
a lawn roller. One of the things that you can
do to really sort of draw focus visually in a garden is
to put a man-made artifact inside of it. If you put too many of them
in, however, it’s going to look like a junk field. So be careful about that. What we face in urban gardens
a lot is views that we want to mask. So people planted ivy, and it’s
created a visual green screen, instead of just a big,
ugly, cement block wall. FEMALE SPEAKER I’ve had this
garden for about 11 years. This was a jungle. It was a huge jungle. Grass up to here. But there were some beautiful
plants in here already. I’ve got raspberries
over here. I have blackberries. This is where I throw all my
leaves and yard waste, but I don’t put any food in there,
because we have raccoons. We have possums. I don’t want rats. And then I have more
flowers over here. These are lilies, iris. I have asters. I have Black-eyed Susans. I like to have flowers all
different times of the year. DENTON TARVER: Excellent. So I wanted to ask you about
the compost, though. So what’s the point
of compost? FEMALE SPEAKER Well, the
point of compost is reducing our waste. So all these leaves– I have trees here. I have trees in the front. And instead of just dumping
them in the garbage and putting them in the landfill,
I’m able to make them into dirt. This is a food compost, and
this is like the premium, deluxe compost. It’s really strong, and
it’s fantastic. And I put it on only my
most special plants. You can tell what we eat at
our house by our compost. DENTON TARVER: Whatcha
got in here? FEMALE SPEAKER There’s, like,
eggshells and pits. What you do is you take
the compost already. You put it on top of the screen,
and then you kind of push it down. So it breaks up anything that is
not completely broken down. DENTON TARVER: Right. So now, will this take the
place of a chemical fertilizer? FEMALE SPEAKER Yeah. I don’t use any chemicals. DENTON TARVER: Don’t
use any chemicals. FEMALE SPEAKER No chemicals. DENTON TARVER: This is an
all organic garden. We’ll see you next time
on Urban Gardener. TRACY METRO: Like
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