How To Compost Your Leaves & Grass Clippings GardenFork

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  1. yeah, i figure out a lot of this as i go along. thanks for the note. check out our viewer forum, you might like the stuff there. thx, eric.

  2. i did run too close to the driveway with the mower and kicked up some stones. will have to sharpen the blades now. thx, eric.

  3. WOW!
    You make a video on mowing your fucking lawn!
    You really need to think things though before making a video.

  4. I want to see how the leave mold turn out. Would you link a video when it is ready? Thank you. Your videos have being very helpful.

  5. @tanagaba you can watch all our fun videos on cooking, gardening, DIY, and other fun stuff on our site GardenFork.TV

  6. Don't forget to add nitrogen to those leaves. Looks like you have a nice, private yard so you might can get away with the yard urine trick. 🙂

  7. My problem is the composter the city provides can't accommodate all the leaves therefore about 25% fill the composter and the remainder is currently in a large pile in the back of my yard, trying to see if there is method to accelerate the breakdown of leaves. Hopefully I can already use this compost in the spring.

  8. Ya if you just use the bagger they don't get cut up enough and it fills up very fast. Mulching then using the bagger to vacuum it up does work better.

  9. How about your wife stop taking the camera off of the person trying to instruct us as to how to do composting. And put your damn dogs away.

  10. Hi there. Thanks for posting a very informative video – I learned a lot from you. I have 2 Labs too so hopefully you've ignored the nonsense from 'vallkaek' or whoever and maybe others that I can't be bothered with. Your place looks great and thanks for the information. Cheers. J

  11. thanks J, some people just don't like dogs, what can you do? bear tore up my compost pile, have to build new one. thx, eric – GardenFork

  12. good point, the small red worms are good at breaking down compost, and then you have worms for fishing too. thx, eric – GardenFork

  13. the dogs are a big part of our world, thanks for watching, we post shows each week if you'd consider subscribing. thx, eric.

  14. You forgot to water those leaves down as you added them to the pile. Very very important to do that,but no damper than a wrung out sponge though. Add some higher nitrogen green items as well will help it break down quicker.
    I use a mulching blade on my lawn mower and it works great at chopping those leaves up quickly.

  15. good points there. its important to keep even moisture in the compost pile. we also have a video about how to build a compost bin too. thanks for watching, eric .

  16. Some towns have special pick up days for leaves, the landfill take the leaves, stores them. Then the leaves are ground up by a special machine that travels from town to town. I've seen these mulch piles they are over 300 ft long, 50 feet wide, 30 feet high. The piles sit all winter and even into the summer. This stuff is a very fine mulch, deep dark brown and very rich, great for mulch beds and flower and gardens, or as topdressing. The town then gives it away for free now that recycling.

  17. yes, i've seen leaf mulch made that way too. neat how that works. our leaf mulching is a bit more low tech. we like to compost the leaves over the winter, add the composted leaf mulch to our garden beds. thanks, eric.

  18. thanks joe, on our website and on GardenFork Radio GF contributor Rick talks about how he drives around this neighborhood picking up what he calls 'free gold' all the bagged leaves of his neighbors that he composts. it makes great easy leaf compost . thanks for watching, eric.

  19. not sure why someone would say that, they are all good. cooked vegetables, because they may have cooking oil on them, might attract varmints. thx, eric.

  20. That's true for worm bins as worms don't like onions, garlic or citrus, in fact the citrus is harmful to the worms. Bur for composting all is good.

  21. also cooked foods might attract raccoons or other animals, as they foods have oil on them from cooking, etc.

  22. I've been using a mulching blade for years. Just one pass with the bagger attached and its cut into very fine musch. Ready for the garden.

  23. I use a chipper shredder after I pick up the leaves with my mulching bagger mower to fully mulch my leaves. Then mix the leaves grass clippings from the year and the mulched branch clippings. I have a two year turn over and get great compost. During the summer when I weed my garden I can hardly pull anything that doesn't bring a worm or two up also.

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