How To Contour Your Nose | Natural Looking (Asian Features)- Vlog19

hello lovely people will come back to my
channel hope all is well I’m in today’s video I would like to share to you about
contouring a nose so I’m gonna share to you how to contour my nose using makeup
I just would like to snatch my nose when I’m doing my makeup you know to look at
sexier and narrow so mainly today we are gonna be using my all-time favorite the
Tarte shape tape this is for the concealer and will be you seen this
whole of benefits the bronzer any bronzer will do so we are going to use
this kind of sponge and I’m gonna explain to you why as well we are going
to use translucent powder i’ll be using the laura mercier loosen this
translucent powder but you can use any kind of translucent powder and I’ll be
using as well a pressed powder so I’ll be using a clinic this is the almost
powder makeup and some brushes the tools that we’re gonna be using and also get a
blender so first we are going to use this concealer so any kind of concealer
that you like that you would love to use will do but this is just the consider
that I like to use so first of course I already done my makeup I put foundation
makeup bronzer blush highlighter lipstick and I’ve done my eye shadow my
eye and my eyebrow as well so first um we I’m going to make a dot on my nose
like that here okay and then this is the Beautyblender that I use for I’m doing
my makeup today I’m just gonna wet that a little bit with the setting spray but
I’ll be using disco dollie alright so I’m going to just press it into my nose I’m sorry guys I feel like I’m sneezing
today all right so um the concealer is done so I’m gonna
be using this whole up benefit the bronzer and we’ll be using this sponge
this kind of sponge you can move by this ami at the drugstore the the reason why
I would like to use this because it has a straight line in here
you know sometimes our hand can be shaky but by using this this give me a
guideline like straight on the area where I wanted to make a straight line
on my nose so I have to put it right here and a little on the bottom of my
nose so all you have to do is just dip it in like that and then just put it
right here in the middle of my nose you see and then on the bottom part of my nose
as well and then on the other side like you’re making like a v-shape so right
now I’ll be using this fluffy brush from Murphy and 1:39 whatever kind of um
tools or a brush any kind of brush you can use but this one is so fluffy guys
so I’m gonna so we’re gonna be blending it blending it and then blending like
that and then a little inwards and I’m gonna bring it a little on top
as well you can you can also pick a little of
that bronzer if you think that you want a little more amount on here on top down
your eyebrow right there and then the other side as well so and you can do
like a circular motion and then here in the bottom of your nose now if you think that you um get the
lines that you wanted you can start applying any powder that you you want to
use so I would like to use this um this this is a cold
tool but any any brush you can use us what I’ve said this is cold in a one
second is called the micro blending so I’m gonna pick up that um translucent
powder from Laura Mercier and I’m just it’s tap off the excess and just press
it in like that and then with a bigger brush any kind of
blush brushes you can use as well now I’ll be using my pressed powder from
clinic then I’m gonna be putting that on the side of the lines so there’s no
harshness so it looks more natural and then guys um oh I like to use this
kind of um brush like a fan it’s like a dusting a brush this is from from baby
but any kind of brush you can use as well and now I’ll be using a highlighter
from Becca it’s the moonstone so all I have to do is pick some of that and I’m
going to put that here on the point of my nose like that and then go like here
in the middle so I think it’s um I think I like the
result so I hope you guys learned something from this video today and any
kind of bronzer you can use you don’t need to use like this bronzer and you
can use any kind of highlighter any kind of pressed powder as well but using this
kind of sponge will help you just have to pick that bronzer there and then just
make a line side-by-side because sometimes our hand is like a little
shaky by doing the straight line so I think that’s it for the video today guys
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thank you guys and you have a wonderful day I have a you have a wonderful night
thank you bye

17 thoughts on “How To Contour Your Nose | Natural Looking (Asian Features)- Vlog19

  1. Nice make up tutorial. Ganda nyo po. Galing mag make up. Nakimake up na rin ako saka kita pinusuan.kaw na bahala sken
    Salamat at Godbless

  2. Wow nice make up sis..pwede mag pa make up ang lalake sis pa make up sana ako sayo hahah bagong kaibigan pala sis bahala kna skin manood muna ako pra hindi sayang godbless

  3. same name po tyo, pro dko tulad mo mhusay sa pagmake-up at ang ganda resulta, inunahan na kita kabayan pkibalik nlng salamwat

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