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If you’re short on
space for a garden, then why not upcycle
an old pallet and create a vertical garden? Pallets are pretty
easy to get hold of, and you can grow a lot of
different plants in them. I’m going to show you how to
build and plant your own pallet garden. You can build a
pallet garden any time you want but take into
account what season it is when choosing your plants. And you’ll need to think
about how much sun they need before deciding
where to position it. For pallet gardens, plants
with a shallow root system grow best. Things like solid
grains and herbs or if you prefer some color,
marigolds, and lobelia. For edibles, make
sure you source a pallet made from
untreated timber to avoid nasty chemicals. But in this case, I’m
planning succulents. First, with our
pallet walled garden, we going to need
a base to create a planning space in the top. I’ve been lucky enough
to have another pallet, so we’re going to use
the planks off there. Just attach them
beneath each section to create a planting
spies in the top. Just use a couple of galvanized
screws at each vertical plank to fix your bottom board. Next thing we’re going to
do is get some weed mat. It’s going to help retain
the soil and the moisture. So now that we’ve got this
all stapled into place, we are just going to
use a Stanley knife and trim all the edges. A few more staples to
keep things nice and tidy and then finish off the rest. Depending on where your
pallet garden is going, be sure to fix it securely
in place for safety. Next thing we’re
going to do is fill it with some outdoor container mix. So remember, just don’t
fill it right to the top because your plants are going
to have a little bit of soil on them and that will help
this all come to the top. First of all, just
place succulents around. Get a bit of a feel for
how you want it to look. Now because we’re just
using succulents and cacti, don’t worry too much
about the spacing. They’ll all just kind
of blend in together and form a nice pallet wall. For the actual planting,
it’s pretty simple. Dig a small hole, gently
remove the plant from its pot, place it in the hole, and
backfill pressing the soil around its base. Check your specific
plant for watering and feeding instructions, but
the beauty of these succulents is that they’re pretty
self-sufficient. There’s heaps of other
ideas for what to plant and ways to position
your pallet garden. Get creative like
these awesome options. So there’s a new pallet garden. It will be a great look in
any space, and it was easy as.

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  2. Don't forget to use a mask when using potting mix! You can breathe in the spores from the mix and get legionnaires disease. Please be careful.

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